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JetNation – Week 3 Power Rankings

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Here’s the updated JetNation top ten power rankings:

10) Arizona Cardinals:

Off to their best start in 38 years (3-0).

9) New England Patriots:

The replacement referees look lost as they made terrible calls/non-calls against both teams.  Bill Belichick was just trying to shake the referees hand and say “Nice game, thanks for the great work,” so he shouldn’t be fined or suspended.

8) Chicago Bears:

If the offensive line gets it together the Bears will continue to rise.

7) Green Bay Packers:

Controversial finish in Seattle but how bad is LT Marshall Newhouse as the Packers offensive line gave up 8 sacks on the night.

6) Philadelphia Eagles:

To many turnovers finally catches up with the Eagles.

5) Atlanta Falcons:

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, 77 of 107, 72% completion, 8 TD, 1 INT, 114 QBR, no wonder they are 3-0.

4) New York Giants:

Played a Thursday night scrimmage against the Panthers.  Have a big division matchup on the road against the rival Eagles this week.

3) San Francisco 49ers:

Loss to the Vikings, looking ahead to the Jets?

2) Baltimore Ravens:

Ravens are a playoff team but can they win it all without the 2011 NFL defensive player of the year Terrell Suggs?

1) Houston Texans:

QB Matt Schaub loses portion of his ear and comes back to win a game at Mile High while DE J.J. Watt is just assume.  This game was not as close as the score indicated, the Texans can bring it.

Knocking on the Door:

  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Seattle Seahawks

Fallen Out:

  • Carolina Panthers: Complete no show against the Giants.  A win against the Falcons will put the Panthers right back in the NFC South race.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: The return  of running back Rashard Mendenhall in week 5 after their bye should help the Steelers struggling running game.





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