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Mastercard Priceless NY: A Night at the Atlantic Health Training Center

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Last night, JetNation was invited to go to the Jets practice facility in Florham Park. MasterCard’s “Priceless New York” program allowed this all to happen, so big thanks to Mastercard for organizing such an amazing night.

When we arrived, we were greeted by members of the MasterCard team and brought into the auditorium where the team has their team meetings. It was there that we had a question and answer session with none other than Jets wide receiver Jeremy Kerley. Kerley answered questions from fans for about half an hour before they allowed us into the field house for a “Skills Competition.”

During the Skills Competition in the Field House, Kerley walked around between the 40-yard dash run, the football accuracy game, the field goal kicking challenge, and the punting challenge. Kerley also threw routes to the young children in attendance for about 20 minutes.

After the Skills Competition, Kerley sat down and autographed people’s memorabilia for about a half hour. He also took pictures with most fans also. Once the autograph signing was complete, a member of the Jet’s front office gave us a tour of the facility for a half hour before sending us on our way.

It was a great experience for us, as well as the children to hang out with a true professional Jeremy Kerley. He answered any and all questions to the best of his ability. He had great energy throughout the night and it was nice to see a professional giving his time after a long day to hang out with the people who truly idolize him. Kerley is an amazing person and an extremely humble guy. He treated everyone as if they were his friends. We could only hope more guys in the NFL and other professional sports could be as friendly.

Thanks again to MasterCard for the experience and I look forward to more events such as this in the future.

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Ron Pickett

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