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New York Jets Report Card: Week 12

NY Jets Report Card

Week 12: Patriots @ Jets

Quarterback: F

Sanchez: 26/36, 1 TD, 1 INT, 1 fumble

Once again, Sanchez makes an error in the red zone. But it’s more than that, it’s the persistent lack of vision, the mental errors, the communication errors, the inaccuracy, the… well, anything and everything. Sanchez is by far the worst starting QB in the league, and it’s not even close. Rookies, sophomores and washed up vets are outperforming him. Guys that started the season as backups are outperforming him. At this point, 3rd stringer Greg McElroy can probably outperform him. Barring some late season magic, Sanchez should not be the Jets starting QB next year. That’s a given.

Running Backs: C

Greene: 14/71/0, 1 fumble, 1 reception for 9 yards
McKnight: 1/6/0
Powell: 12/40/1, 2 receptions for 13 yards

Nice effort out of the running backs tonight, but Greene’s fumble in Patriots territory in the 2nd quarter proved costly. If Greene is not re-signed next year, Powell may be the starter – he’s making a good case for himself.

Offensive Line: C-

There were bright moments out of this line, a line that clearly hasn’t surrendered. However, when you’re a “ground and pound” team, failure to punch the ball in on the 1 yard line is unacceptable.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: C-

Gates: 2/20/0

Kerley: 7/86/0

Hill: 2/16/0

Schilens: 2/28/0

Keller: 5/64/1

They simply do not have the talent to perform well. With Mark Sanchez behind center, we need about 5 acrobats to play this position. Kerley continues to be a bright spot in an otherwise dark cloud. Keller had one of his better games, but it came long after the game had been decided.

Defensive Line: C-

They were generating a little pressure early, and Wilkerson is becoming fun to watch! They seem to have lost heart as the game progressed. Who could blame them?

Linebackers: D

The Patriots ran the ball far too well, especially in garbage time when the linebackers should have seen it coming.

Secondary: D

LaRon Landry is impressive, he simply must be re-signed. Cromartie continues to step it up as well. That said, there were too many mental mistakes tonight – and that cost the team big.

Special Teams: F

Yet another special teams fumble tonight.  These mistakes are not minor, they are game changers. Apart from kicker Nick Folk and punter Robert Malone, this unit is a mess.

Coaching: F

The number of mental mistakes the Jets had in the 2nd quarter alone is… astounding. As a coach, it’s your job to have your team mentally prepared and this was about as ill-prepared as a team can be.

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