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New York Jets Report Card: Week 13

NY Jets Report Card

New York Jets Report Card

Week 13: Arizona Cardinals @ New York Jets

Quarterback: D-

Sanchez: 10/21, 97 yards, 3 INT
McElroy: 5/7, 29 yards, 1 TD, 4 rushes for 5 yards

It was one of the worst performances of Sanchez’ career, as he threw 3 interceptions in the 1st half while looking as incompetent as ever. He was benched for McElroy in the 2nd half. A 2nd year player out of Alabama, McElroy fared slightly better than Sanchez, leading a touchdown drive and another drive to kill the clock. For the New York Jets, the future of the QB position is up in the air, so to speak.

Running Backs: A-

Greene: 24/104/0
McKnight: 2/8/0
Powell: 12/58/0

The running game kept the Jets in the contest as the passing game was virtually non-existent. Greene looks much better as part of a running back by committee than he does as a feature back, and he’s been especially effective in the later stages of the game. Powell provides the early boost that the running game needs.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: C-

Hill: 5/40/0
Kerley: 3/37/0
Cumberland: 2/25/1
Keller: 2/17/0
Schilens: 2/5/0

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, there’s just not that much talent here. Jeremy Kerley is certainly a keeper, as he has been the one relatively consistent skill position player for the Jets offense this year. Hill, meanwhile, has all the physical talent in the world but he has not been a reliable threat thus far. Keller left early with an ankle injury. With Keller hitting free agency next year, TE Jeff Cumberland is making a bid to replace him as the starter at the position.

Offensive Line: B-

Pass protection was adequate, but broke down at times. The run blocking has improved over the past few weeks, and it was excellent today.

Defensive Line: B+

The defensive line generated only half a sack on the day, but the Cardinals running game was held to just 81 yards on the day.

Linebackers:  B+

The linebackers picked up 1.5 sacks, executed their tackles correctly, shut down the Cardinals running backs and provided just enough pressure for the secondary to mop up.

Secondary: A+

Lindley was 10 of 31 on the day, for just 72 yards and 0 touchdowns. Landry had a nice return on an interception. The Jets secondary was stiff, surrendering only 2 first downs via pass on the day.

Special Teams: D

The special teams unit continues to struggle. Nick Folk has had a tremendous season as the Jets kicker, but he missed 2 field goals today. Fortunately, the special teams errors don’t go much further than that.

Coaching: C+

Sparano’s offense looks bewildered more often than not. How much of that is a product of Mark Sanchez’ football IQ? We may soon have the opportunity to find out. Give Rex Ryan credit for making the right call in benching Sanchez for McElroy, providing the offense just enough of a spark to win the game. The defensive coaching, meanwhile, was flawless.

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