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New York Jets Report Card: Week 14

NY Jets Report Card

NY Jets Report CardWeek 14: New York Jets @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Quarterback: F

Mark Sanchez: 12/19, 111 yards, 1 fumble

During the 3rd quarter, I rolled out my old Chad Pennington poster and started drooling.  I must have done something very, very naughty in a past life. Why else would I have to watch this guy play every week? The fact that he didn’t throw any picks is a moral victory – sad and pathetic moral victory, but a moral victory nonetheless. Sanchez’ problems today were mostly related to execution rather than decision making. His accuracy is slim to none when he’s not throwing slants. Too high, too low, a little to the left, a little to the right – there’s something wrong with almost every non-slant pass he throws. There’s no reason to start him next week against the Titans. McElroy and Tebow both have higher upsides.

Running Backs: A

Greene: 20/77/1

Powell: 19/78/1

Greene and Powell were excellent today. Greene is starting to push for a decent contract in free agency, while Powell likely has his eyes on Greene’s current job. In any event, both of the backs rushed for a touchdown and had a nice yard per carry average.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: D-

Cumberland: 1/37/0

Kerley: 4/27/0

Schilens: 2/27/0

Gilyard: 2/15/0

Reuland: 2/7/0

Another game without Keller (and Holmes) is another day without production. Hill left early with a knee injury, making things even worse. Kerley and Schilens worked hard all day, but didn’t have much to show for it – Kerley had a fumble. Mardy Gilyard caught 2 passes, so we can confirm that he is, indeed, a human being that plays wide receiver for the Jets. That sums up everything that we know about him.

Offensive Line: B+

There were a few breakdowns in pass protection, but the run blocking couldn’t have been any sweeter.

Defensive Line: B

Wilkerson has been steadily improving, and Coples is proving that he’s not a bust.

Linebackers: C-

Bart Scott grabbed an interception and Harris notched a sack. The linebackers were exposed in the running game by a Jacksonville’s 4th string runningback.

Secondary: B+

Lankster pulled down a pick. Cromartie left the game with a head injury, but returned in no time. The secondary held Jacksonville QB Henne to just 185 yards and 0 TD’s, but the Jags were without Cecil Shorts, their biggest receiving threat.

Special Teams: C

Nick Folk hit a 44 yard field goal. The Jags nearly blocked two punts due to high snaps. Apart from that, it was a quiet game for the special teams unit.

Coaching: B-

Apart from a drive in the 1st and a drive or two in the 4th, the defensive game plan was very effective. It’s tough to understand Rex’s commitment to Sanchez. However, the offense adjusted at halftime and put two touchdowns on the board behind the escalating power of the running game.

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