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New York Jets Report Card: Week 16

NY Jets Report Card

report_cardNew York Jets Report Card

Week 16: San Diego Chargers @ New York Jets

Quarterback: D+

McElroy: 14/24, 185 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT, 1 fumble, 4 rushes for 25 yards

McElroy was actually enjoyable to watch – for 2 quarters, at least. Ultimately, he was the cause of two turnovers and that’s the very thing the Jets hoped to avoid by benching Sanchez. Still, considering that this was his first start in the NFL, and given that he was under pressure all day, I thought he showed remarkable poise at times. He’s also a lot lighter on his feet than the Jet Nation faithful seem willing to admit. Arm strength and tenativeness are his flaws at this point.

Running Backs: C

Greene: 14/38/2, 2 receptions for 42 yards
McKnight: 1/7/0
Powell: 4 receptions for 37 yards

Greene looked good at times, and punched the ball in twice. But the Jets did not have much success in the running game between the 20’s.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: C

Gates: 3/65/0
Edwards: 3/36/0
Schilens: 2/31/0
Smith: 1/16/0

I recognize the fact that they’re just misdirection plays, but you can actually make the argument that Jeremy Kerley is the most accurate passer on the Jets. That’s just frightening. Frightening.

Offensive Line: F

The run blocking was fine at times, and McElroy needs to get rid of the football faster. But any time you allow 11 sacks in a game, you’re getting an F.

Defensive Line: B+

With Wilkerson on one end and Coples on the other, the Jets have young pieces to build around for years to come. Even if Kenrick Ellis doesn’t fulfill his potential, the Jets can feel good about their defensive line moving forward.

Linebackers: B+

The Chargers were held to 87 net yards rushing. Bart Scott had a sack and Garrett McIntyre notched half a sack of his own.

Secondary: C

The Chargers passing game was largely ineffectual (50% completion for 165 yards), but a few major breakdowns combined with a missed pick make this a disappointing game for this otherwise impressive group.

Special Teams: F

The Jets allowed a punt to be returned for a touchdown for the first time since the early 2000’s. Special Teams Coach Mike Westhoff must be infuriated with the way his unit has performed all year, especially with his retirement looming on the horizon.

Coaching: F

Some interesting looks for the offense today, but where were they when we needed them (aka, the rest of the season)? Who knows? Rex missed on a challenge, got killed on halftime adjustments and failed to communicate his intention to go for a 1st down on 4th & inches.

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