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If Traded QB Foles Perfect Fit For Jets

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Chip Kelly being hired new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles has created much discussion as to which quarterback would be running his offense.  The former University of Oregon coach is known for a fast pace offensive system which requires an athletic quarterback that can handle both passing and rushing.

Current Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was a candidate for release as a high salary and numerous injuries had slowed his production but Kelly saw the athletic Vick as a potential fit for his offense.  So the Eagles recently came to terms on a new deal which will keep Vick in Philadelphia at least one more year.  They’re also considering signing former Oregon Ducks quarterback Dennis Dixon who played under Kelly in college.

Eagles 2012 third round draft pick quarterback Nick Foles, 6’6”, 243, out of the University of Arizona, skill set isn’t tailor made for the Kelly offense as he’s more of a drop-back pocket passer than a rushing threat.

Foles did have an impressive preseason completing 63.5% of passes with a quarterback rating of 110.1 last year.  After Vick suffered a concussion week ten of the season against the Dallas Cowboys Foles took over the quarterback position remaining there till the end of the year.

He completed 161-of-265 passes, 60.8% completion, 6 touchdowns, 5 interceptions and a quarterback rating of 79.1 during the regular season.  He also had an excellent pass-to-interception ratio of 1.9% with 265 passes thrown but only 5 intercepted, ranking fifth best in the league in this category.

While the Eagles had some impressive offensive players like running back LeSean McCoy along with receivers Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson their offense line struggled with injuries and poor play most of the year giving up 48 sacks as the team ended the season with a 4-12 record.  Given the many issues facing the Eagles last year Foles showed the potential to be a successful quarterback in this league.

With Foles possibly being odd man out with Kelly’s offense there has been speculation Philadelphia’s former head coach Andy Reid, now coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, would be interested in obtaining the quarterback but if Foles is put on the trading block it would make sense for the Jets to try and acquire him.  This page will tell you if that helps the Jets Super Bowl chances.

Already having familiarity with new Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg’s system Foles spent his rookie year learning and then playing under it.  He would have an excellent chance at earning the starting job with the Jets as their current quarterback situation is completely unsettled.

Trading for high priced quarterbacks like the 49ers Alex Smith or Seahawks Matt Flynn seem unrealistic given the Jets salary cap issues but Foles is under a rookie contract making the salary very reasonable.

A quarterback with Foles upside potential would definitely be worth looking at if he was available.  The asking price for a trade would be the biggest deterrent to obtaining Foles as there would be many suitors given the perception this quarterback draft class is not very strong and numerous teams being in need of a starting caliber quarterback.

Only time will tell if the Eagles will take offers for Foles or have him compete for a starting job in their new offense but if available it makes sense for the Jets to attempt acquiring him.

UPDATE: Since this article was posted the Philadelphia Eagles signed quarterback Dennis Dixon:

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