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Rex On Joe Namath’s Comments

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This one is a few days old, but Rex Ryan spoke to the media late last week about Joe Namath.  Specifically about Namath’s comments on the Jets organization being deceptive.

The thing I will mention about Joe Namath, not only with Jets organization, but the National Football League, he was huge. I think for the popularity of our sport. With, obviously, the Super Bowl III victory and things like that. That was great. He was great for the game and things like that. Joe, just like anybody else, has the right to his opinion. For me personally, I’ve always respected and admired Joe Namath, as I’m sure every Jet fan has. Does it upset me that he will make comments or whatever? I mean, I don’t always agree with his comments, that’s it. But, he has a right to them and who am I to tell Joe Namath that you shouldn’t say this or you shouldn’t say that about us or any other topic? I’m certainly not that guy.


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