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fantasy-footballHello Fantasy Football Fans!

Welcome to the 3rd week of the waiver wire/who is hot and who is not column of the year, I thank everyone for reading and hopefully this will assist your team on the way to the playoffs.  We will not list anyone who was on the list last week but if Moreno, Royal, Clay, Snelling, Quizz Rodgers, are still out there please do yourself a favor and grab them.  This is not a great week for a huge impact pickup more of bye week fill in’s and a few speculative adds.

Who is Hot;

  • Peyton Manning- This looks easier than Manning, there is no way you can bench any Broncos receiver at this point.
  • Bronocos Receivers-  Manning is being very nice and making sure everyone gets a piece of the pie.
  • Bilal PowellBilal Powell – He now has the RB1 job to himself with the Chris Ivory injury.
  • Joique Bel – Be you did not know he is 5th in PPR leagues at the RB position, even with Bush back he is a weekly flex play.
  • Michael Vick – I get a question or 2 about him every week, start him until injury unless you have Manning,  Brees or Rodgers.
  • Giovanni Bernard – He is top 10 so far this year for RB’s and his role will continue to grow.
  • Fred Jackson – He is looking spry for a 32 year old and with the Spiller injury he has at least a job share for the time being.
  • DeAngelo Williams – I bet no one thought he would be 3rd in rushing yards after 3 weeks.
  • Antonio Brown – It pays to complain, we saw it with Wallace last week and now with Brown.
  • Anyone playing the Eagles, Resdskins and Rams – If you have a guy playing any of these team they are a must start.

Who is not;

  • David Wilson-  He got a few carries but the coach still has no confidence in him
  • Steven Jackson – He is now out until week 7
  • Danny Amendola – They are saying he can play with the torn abductor but too big of a roll of the dice for me in any week.
  • C.J. Spiller – Even when healthy he is in a job share, if you drafted him you are stuck but not a good situation.
  • Trent Richardson – He got traded to a better team but has a worse OL and could be in a 60/40 job share with Bradshaw.
  • Tom Brady – There are at least 12-14 better Qb’s to now start on a weekly basis.
  • Steven Ridley – He is getting buried deeper and deeper.
  • Ryan Mathews – He is the king of the 15 carries a game between the 20’s, they used Ronnie Brown as a goal line back last week.
  • Andre Johnson – Another game another injury.

Average Size Leagues Waiver Wire pickups

  • Bilal Powell –  He looked solid last week and will continue to get the carries.
  • Branden Boldin – He is now in a full job share with Ridley and the 3rd down back.
  • Pierre Thomas – Ingram is now out but he is stil at best a flex play.
  • Isiah Pead – He still looks lost running the ball but with Daryl Richardson having foot issues, he could be a bye week fill in if you are desperate.
  • Santonio Holmes – He is coming off what will be his best day but should put him reasonable stats the rest of the way when he is healthy.
  • Ryan Broyles – He will now be the 2nd best WR on a passing team with Burleson out for awhile.
  • Sidney Rice – Another guy who will not replicate last week’s stats but if you are stuck for a bye they have some nice matchups coming up.
  • Chiefs defense – We never list a defense here but they have been on fire and have a great schedule coming up.

I get a lot of questions about buying low on Spiller, Wilson, Ridley CJ2K amongst others and my advice would be if you have bench room and have a winning record go for it but if you are -0-3 or 1-2, you need wins and very tough to take a chance on a guy who may never turn it around.

Send me any questions or lineup decisions on Twitter –dvond

Good Luck this week!

Fantasy Mike

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Mike Dietrich
Mike Dietrich is the fantasy football columnist for JetNation.

This Article Was Written By Mike Dietrich

Mike Dietrich

Mike Dietrich is the fantasy football columnist for JetNation.


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