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Is Geno A Franchise QB?

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On Wednesday Rex Ryan was asked if Geno Smith was a franchise quarterback.  His response was interesting:

I don’t want to get into that. I was happy with seeing the improvement that he made and the conscious effort that he made from Week Two to Week Three, and it was in the incompletions. He threw four or five balls away that he wasn’t going to force the issue. So to me, he’s mindful of that. He’s not going to force (it). He’s not going to make the critical error. Now, he may make a physical error, where he under threw a ball, whatever, that may happen, but it’s the ones where you’re forcing it and really to be able to process it to where it’s like, weighing the positives and the minuses of it, I thought he was able to do that last week.

Rex has definitely toned down his responses this year.  He is going out of his way to avoid making big statements.  That is a good thing because the answer to the question about Geno Smith will take more than 3 weeks to determine.  Geno Smith is the starting QB, so Jets fans certainly hope he becomes a franchise QB.  It is simply too early to answer that question definitively.

The early signs look good though.

Santonio Holmes was asked if he is happy with what he has seen from Smith through the first 3 games.

We’re more so happy with the opportunities he’s given us. He’s putting the ball in great positions for us to make big plays for our team. He’s helping our team out, running the football, making the right call at the line of scrimmage and our offensive line has really given him an opportunity to pass the ball.

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