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Jets Sign Jalen Saunders

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Yesterday the NY Jets signed another one of their draft picks, this time it was Jalen Saunders (4th Round – 104th Overall selection).

Round 4: WR Jalen Saunders, Oklahoma

As board guru Villian The Foe pointed out, Saunders is a dynamic punt returner. That’s important. Kerley has been doing that job when healthy and that’s a terrible way to run an impact special team position like PR. The guy who runs a 90 yard return can’t be busting his rear on offense too and be expected to make a huge play. Keep that returner fresh and maybe he breaks a big play.  Some might say PR is not a “starter” position and to that I say don’t be a dummy. Saunders “starts” as a PR day one, and maybe he’s a replacement for Kerley on real offense someday over the rainbow. Or maybe he’s just an awesome punt returner and that’s fine.

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