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Geno Smith Steps Up

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The results on the field will be the only result that matters in the end. If Geno Smith can eliminate turnovers and get this team in the end zone regularly, history will judge him as a good quarterback. When it is the offseason, the only thing a player can do is work hard and try to get better.  This offseason, Geno Smith really seems to be doing that.

What we notice from Geno Smith is that he seems more natural being a leader. He seems more comfortable in his own skin.  We had the opportunity to speak with Geno at his football camp last weekend.  Brandon Dowling spent a few minutes with Geno and the interview aired on JetNation Radio last week.

A leader needs to be accountable but not dwell on the negative. That is exactly what he did after his two interception performance on Thursday at NY Jets minicamp.

It’s practice. It happens. Basically, that’s it.

Make a mistake, learn from it and move on.

The team has four weeks before training camp starts. Geno talked about what can be done during that time.

I’m pretty sure of myself. I’m always going to have confidence in myself solely because I believe in my teammates and my coaching. Really, I’m just continuing to work hard (and) continuing to get better. I was very pleased with the way that we came out and performed this minicamp and (drive0 OTA’s. We competed hard every single day. I really saw guys getting better. It’s a promising sign for us but we’ve just got to take it upon ourselves to continue to work hard. We’ve got four weeks off, but it’s really not an off period. We’ve got to build our bodies. We’ve got to come back in great shape and be in the best condition we can be for this upcoming season.

What really stands out though is what Geno said about Calvin Pryor. He complimented him but sent a subtle message about the trash talk.

On Calvin Pryor…

He’s been great. He’s very humble. He’s very mature for his age. He’s got a ton of skill out there on the field. I’m waiting to see him put pads on because we all know he’s a big hitter. As long as he continues to follow his coaching, follow the leadership of guys like Dave (Harris) and Calvin (Pace) – all those veteran guys, I think he has a bright future here.

On if he has heard Pryor talking trash on the field…

A little bit, but I don’t think he’s really earned that right to talk amongst this locker room. But he does get it in a little bit. I think he knows his place, he knows his role and the more and more he gets comfortable I think you’ll hear him talking a little bit more.

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