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Geno Discusses Harvin

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Geno Smith spoke to the media today and the topic primarily focused on Percy Harvin. It seems like the move to acquire Harvin will go a long way towards helping the Jets decide if Geno is a QB that they can build around. Without weapons, you are always left with that uncertainly and the question would remain; would Geno be more effective if his skill position players were better? Now with Eric Decker, Percy Harvin, Jace Amaro and Jeremy Kerley, along with a strong running game the Jets can get make a more informed decision on Geno.

Geno was asked if he is going to be evaluated differently now that Harvin is on the team.

Well it is about this team, making us all better. That is what this move does. It makes us better as a team. It makes me better as a quarterback. As long we keep working hard, we will continue to progress.

Geno indicated that he will hold additional meetings with Harvin, to help him learn the offense. While we wait for that to happen Geno gave his first impression of Harvin.

Pure speed, the guy is fast. He has great hands, he runs good routes. We have to get him caught up to speed with our offense. We’re putting things together for him. He is a dynamic player and we are lucky to have him.

How long will it take for them to get their timing down?

You know, we practiced today and we’re working on it. For the most part, I think things were good. We’re both professional athletes, so we are expected to go out there and get the timing down. We will continue to practice and get better with it and get better throughout the week. Come Sunday, I think the timing will be fine.

The Jets know they need to improve their performance in the red zone. It really doesn’t matter who scores the touchdowns, as long as they start scoring touchdowns. With a banged up secondary, the Jets aren’t going to win many games by only kicking field goals.

Geno Smith had great success in college with Tavon Austin. Many have compared Harvin to Austin and Geno commented on that. “He is very similar in that way. Tavon, he kind of models himself after Percy. Percy is a guy who is dynamic. He can take those short passes, those two or three-yard passes and stretch the field with them and he can also get down the field. It is going to help us all out. Having a guy like that who is dynamic, who is explosive, is going to help us all out on offense.”

You can continue the conversation and sound off on Percy Harvin in our Jets forum.

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