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Rex: Geno To Start On Monday Night

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When you are 2 and 9 there probably it is hard to have a QB controversy. But after 3 games as the starting QB, Michael Vick is back to the bench. Earlier today Rex Ryan announced that Geno Smith would return as the starter.  Right now the Jets are 30th in points per game (16.1) and 32nd in passing yards per game (173.7). Rex spoke about the change…

Today we made the decision to go with Geno (Smith) as the quarterback, and just so we all are aware, understand that everybody is on board with this decision.  (We) purposely put Geno back, let him observe, but now is the opportunity for him to step back in and let’s see how it goes. So I for one, I am excited to watch him.  He has my support on this and that’s what I will say about it.  He had a good day today out there on the practice field.  So, that’s pretty much what I will say.

Clearly Rex Ryan is a lame duck head coach, so it is good to see that the needs of the organization are still being put first. Rex told the media that he wanted to start Geno and GM John Idzik didn’t have to convince him to make this move. The case could be made that Michael Vick gives the Jets the better chance to win. But in these last 5 weeks the Jets should find out more about Geno Smith. His season has been so bad that right now the question is, can Geno be the backup QB next year? It seems to be a long shot that the Jets could head into next season with Smith as the starting QB.

Geno’s career line sits at 19 touchdowns and 31 interceptions. If he is going to prove he can play in this league, he has to start by not committing turnovers.

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