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Is Revis the Greatest of All Time?

D Revis

Fans debate things, it is what we do. One common debate is where great players rank from a historical perspective. It is less common to hear NFL players sharing their rankings. That is what Brandon Marshall did when he weighed in on the all time CB rankings. Marshall thinks that Darrelle Revis is the greatest CB of all time. When Marshall was asked why, here was his response:

Because I’ve played against him for, going on nine years now. He came out in 2007, and I played against Champ (Bailey). I never really got a chance to go against Champ in his prime, against him. I’ve always practiced against him. Darrelle is just really good at what he does. He’s excellent at what he does.

Marshall added, “He’s a technician and he’s really crafty, really smart. He works hard.”

So naturally Darrelle Revis was asked for his thoughts on Marshall’s comments.

It’s a great compliment from Brandon. I played against him throughout my whole career. We’ve had our battles. He’s won some battles when we played against each other in the past and I’ve won some. I think it’s just a mutual respect that we have for each other. And now we’re teammates. I never thought we would be teammates in my wildest dreams. Now we get to compete against each other. I’m glad he’s on my team. I don’t have to look across the huddle and see that it’s Brandon Marshall.

Being in the same category as Deion Sanders is quite the accomplishment. Revis chimes in on that thought:

It’s an honor. I mean I don’t even really have that many words for it. It’s an honor and I appreciate it. People seeing your body of work and what you’ve done. I’ve still got a long ways to go and at the same time I think I just have to continue to what I’ve been doing. It’s just work my butt off like, I’ve always been doing and continue to have an open mind to the game and be an open book to it and absorb up all the information I can.

So we leave it up to you to decide, is Darrelle Revis the greatest of all time?

D Revis

This Article Was Written By Phil Sullivan

Phil Sullivan

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