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Injury Updates – 3 Concussions

New York Jets

The Jets beat the Atlanta Falcons on Friday night at Metlife Stadium. Wins and losses don’t mean that much, avoiding big injuries is usually more important than a preseason win. The Jets suffered a few concussions last night and here is the injury update that Todd Bowles provided after the game.

(Jeremy) Kerley has a concussion. Shaq Evans has a back sprain. (Durell) Eskridge came out with a concussion. There’s one more…(Daryl) Richardson has a concussion. (Ben) Ijalana had a knee. (Dashaun) Phillips had a rib injury. Those are the ones I can remember off the top off my head.

Bowles confirmed that they suffered three concussions and he was asked which injury sustained during the game was the most serious. 

I couldn’t tell you yet. When I go back in and get an update, I’ll be able to tell you a little more.

We will have a full injury update for you once the Jets release an updated status on the entire roster.


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