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Passing Game Film Review – McFrown – Week 3 (Dolphins)

Bad McCown

Welcome to the second part of our film breakdown, as we look at the bad plays from this past game.  The Jets won and the offense performed relatively well so this article is short.  As mentioned in the comments discussing the previous thread, this series is going to be shorter on words from here on out.   Let’s look at the issues on offense this past week.

1) Bad McCown

This is a sack early in the game, where McCown fails to step up in the pocket, instead choosing to evade towards the sideline, and ultimately getting sacked.  There are receivers open down the field, and an emergency option in the running back coming out of the backfield.  The QB should have stepped up in the pocket on this play.

2) Bad McCown

This is a completed pass, but nevertheless a bad pass.  Austin-Seferian Jenkins makes a really good play on the ball for the catch, otherwise it’s going towards the defender.  The play call has a tiered option as well, and McCown makes the right choice, but he has to throw a better pass than this to be consistently successful.

3) Bad McCown

The play most likely should have ended up with a penalty on either the offensive or defensive player.  The pass is under-thrown and this is borderline placement in the bad throws department.  Anderson gets pushed off the route, which slows him down, and the ball ends up slightly under thrown.  If Anderson wasn’t interfered with, he would have ran just a bit further down the field, which would make this pass severely under thrown.  Very good play call otherwise, as there are multiple options around the field.

4) Bad McCown

Josh McCown makes a good read, but a horrible pass.  The play set up on this pass is great, as the QB reads the reaction of the linebacker.  If the linebacker stays with the tight end, the ball is thrown in the flat to the running back.  If the linebacker breaks through to go towards the running back (as he does on this play), then hit the tight end for an easy pass.  Everything works, except for the throw.

5) Bad McCown

McCown misses a wide open crossing route to start this play, and then does a good job of eluding defenders in the pocket and finding free space.  The running back does a great job of running down the field (instead of blocking) leaving him wide open for a pass.  All McCown has to do is pass it to the wide open running back and this is a major completion, but the quarterback doesn’t take the pass.  Instead he gets hit hard by the defender and goes down.

6) Bad McCown

The Jets get aggressive here and go for a TD, but McCown throws this pass right into double coverage.  He doesn’t see the linebacker dropping back from the middle to take away the route and the Jets are lucky this pass falls down for an incomplete pass.


The Jets offense looked markedly better than at any point this year during the Dolphins game.  It wasn’t a game without faults, but they did a good job of limiting their mistakes and taking advantage of the defense, which seemed to play timid all game long.

Grade: B+

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