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Passing Game Film Review – Good McCown – Week 6 (Patriots)

Good McCown

The Jets lost a heart breaker to the Patriots this past Sunday, highlight by a nonsensical overturn of a TD by the referees in the replay booth.  While McCown didn’t play stellar, he did have his moments and should have had another TD.    Let’s see his good plays:

1) Good McCown

This is just a great route run by Robby Anderson, as he completely turns around his defender.  Jermaine Kearse is one of the better route runners in the game, and it would be logical to assume that he may be helping Anderson set up some routes.  He does a great job of reading the hips of the defender, then turning inside, which causes the defender to completely turn around, and leave Anderson wide open on the double move.  A very nice throw by McCown.

2) Good McCown

McCown does a good job of escaping the pocket and getting the first down here.  The Jets need their QBs to be somewhat mobile, especially in games where the running game is stagnant.  Only other thing to notice is the beautiful move by Kearse at the line of scrimmage to create separation.

3) Good McCown

This is a simple screen pass to the running back, and McCown does a good job of executing it, simple play.  It’s highlighted here because this defense is baffling from the Patriots.  They have essentially 6 defenders dedicated to 2 receivers.  They are triple teaming both receivers on this play.  Even if it wasn’t a screen play, the running back would have ran for a first down because everyone bailed from the line of scrimmage.  It’s just a baffling call.

4) Good McCown

A concept that should be familiar if you read the film reviews.  The Jets have a play action roll out, with three tiered options, and McCown hits Stewart for the short gain.  How is this play not holding on the defender?  They are well beyond the 5 yard margin, and the shoulder pad of the receiver is being dragged backwards.  If the defender follows the receiver down the field, Stewart may have been able to make something of this play.

5) Good McCown

A great throw by McCown, places the ball perfectly for Kerley, as he’s getting dragged down.  This is simply a great throw under duress, with wonderful placement, and a great catch by the receiver.

6) Good McCown

The first TD to Austin Seferian-Jenkins, and it’s a nice play.  The read on this play is the corner back outside of Jenkins at the start of the play.  If the corner drops back with Jenkins, then the Jets have the full back and running back matched up against one defender, allowing for an open receiver.  If the corner back stays in the flat, as he did, then Jenkins will have space behind him.  It’s a great set up, and good execution by McCown.

7) Good McCown

A great throw to Jenkins again, executed well.  One thing to notice is how Jenkins sets up the catch by going down to his knees first, because it allows for the catch to be counted as soon as he catches it.  It’s a simple fundamental move, but it helps avoid complicated off balance toe drags and provides a lower target for the QB to hit.  Once again, the offense seems to show much better fundamentals this season in their routes.

8) Good McCown

Jermaine Kearse smokes his defender again at the line of scrimmage, and McCown hits him for a big conversion.  It looks like ArDarius Stewart is on the outside to the right of the formation and he runs past his defender as well.  A good play design by the coaching staff, and good execution by the players.

Good McCown

This is just here to highlight Elijah McGuire shaking a Patriot defender with a wonderful move.

9) Good McCown

Once again, a perfect throw to Kerley from McCown.  Notice the set up on this play because it’s complicated.  The Jets are running Kerley on a deep crossing route, but it doesn’t work if the Patriots corner to that side of the field stays home.  So the Jets run Jenkins on a short crossing route from the other side to draw the defender up.  If the defender doesn’t follow Jenkins, then there is the pass to the RB open with a one on one match up in the open field.  If the defender chases Jenkins, then the middle line backer chases the running back.  If the middle linebacker chooses to drop back, then McCown has his pick of Jenkins/RB.  For the Jets, the scenario works out where Kerley’s desired area is cleared, therefore McCown makes the pass to him.  However, this is an intricate set up by Morton to clear that space to be open.

10) Good McCown

This is a big third down conversion as the Jets are driving, in a quest to score points before halftime.  McCown makes a nice throw to the sideline with Jenkins, and stops the clock in the process.

11) Good McCown

Another simple play, with a fairly easy read for the QB, which indicates a great set up by the coaching staff.  Anderson goes in motion, which causes his defender to lag behind, and you will see this often in other offenses as well.  The ball is snapped before the defender can regain his positioning, thus effectively taking him out of the quick pass equation.  The read for the QB is the edge line backer on this play.  If the defender stays with Anderson to the outside, then the quick hook route to Kearse will be open.  If the defender can’t stay with Anderson (as is the case here), then the receiver will have ample time to turn the corner.

12) Good McCown

A first down conversion to Travaris Cadet, although he doesn’t run a great route.  The inside slant gives away his route early, but McCown makes a nice throw and Cadet gains enough yards after the catch to get a first down.

13) Good McCown

This is a simple numbers game for the Jets on this one, with the read being the blitzing line backer.  If the LB falls back to stay in the area of Jenkins, then McCown has more time to wait for the play to develop.  If the LB blitzes, then this is an easy pitch and catch to Jenkins, since the safety is playing so far back.

14) Good McCown

A good catch by Forte on this play, and nice set up by the Jets.  The receiver acts as a distraction to the defender, allowing enough time for Forte to create separation.

15) Good McCown

You’ve seen this one over and over again.  A shame.

16) Good McCown

A wide open Kearse down the field, and McCown does a good job of finding him as he goes through his progressions.  This is mainly just bad defense by the Patriots as they seem to just have two defenders dedicated to three receivers.

17) Good McCown

Once again, a great route by Kearse on this play.  Notice that the defender has inside leverage at the start of this play, so he wants Kearse to go towards the outside, and he’s well positioned for an inside slant.  Kearse runs right at him, which doesn’t give away the route, and makes a move to the outside.  When the receiver is that close, the defender has to commit one way or another, and falls for the move, as Kearse goes inside.  The whole route is set up by Kearse running straight and not giving away the route.  He’s absolutely terrific at setting up defenders in this sense.

18) Good McCown

A huge fourth down conversion for the Jets as McCown hits Anderson down the field.  The ball is throw a bit behind the receiver, but he slows down and makes the catch and runs up the field.


Josh McCown played a good game against the Patriots, albeit not without mistakes as you will see later, but he did make a fair amount of good plays.  The offense is set up extremely well, and the receivers seem to be more fundamentally sound this year.

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I write film reviews for the Tennessee Titans as well as here on JetNation. I'm a realtor in Nashville as my day job (So if you are ever looking to move to the Music City - let me know), but I like to break down film as a hobby. My Titans Website: http://anatomyoftitans.com/


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