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With the 9th Pick; the NY Jets Select

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If the regular season ended today, the NY Jets would have the 9th overall draft pick (according to ESPN.com). Who will they pick? Plenty of time for that. For now let’s take a look at where the Jets might end up, chances are they will be sliding down even further.

The Jets are 5 and 9 and they have the Chargers and Patriots remaining. They could theoretically slide all the way up to # 4 since the 49ers are on a three-game winning streak, but that is unlikely. The Bears play the Browns, so it looks likely they will win at least one of their remaining two games. Remember, head to head isn’t the tie breaker. It is based on strength of schedule.

Here are the teams ahead of and right behind the Jets in draft order. The chart below also contains the remaining opponents for each team and the combined record of those remaining opponents.

Draft # Team Record Opponents Combined Record
10 Broncos 5 – 9 Redskins \ Chiefs 14 – 14
9 Jets 5 – 9 Chargers \ Patriots 18 – 10
8 Bengals 5 – 9 Lions \ Ravens 16 – 12
7 Bucs 4 – 10 Panthers \ Saints 20 – 8
6 Bears 4 – 10 Browns \ Vikings 11 – 17
5 Browns (via Texans) 4 – 10 Steelers \ Colts 14 – 14
4 49ers 4 – 10 Jaguars \ Rams 20 – 8

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Phil Sullivan

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