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Todd Bowles on Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold

Todd Bowles spoke to the media after the Jets first practice on Friday. The hot topic was Sam Darnold not being in attendance. Here is everything Bowles has to say on the topic.

On if there is an update on Sam Darnold and his contract…
No, not at this time. He’s not here, so we’re coaching the (89) other guys.

On what Darnold loses by not being at training camp…
Anytime you’re not here you lose something. It’s been a day. Obviously, when he comes in we will get him caught up. Right now, we’ve got (89) other guys to worry about.

On if it is frustrating not having him at training camp considering he’s the quarterback and number third pick in the draft…
It’s part of the business. We’ve got two other quarterbacks that can play too. If he came and got hurt on the first day, we would have to play everybody else so we adjust to that and move on.

On how many practices Darnold would have to miss for it to become a concern…
It is not a concern now because I can only coach the guys that are here. As a coach, we’re going to coach the guys that are here. When Sam gets here, we’ll get him caught up. Until then, we go as planned.

On when another quarterback may be needed reduce the reps for the two quarterbacks that are at training camp…
You always talk about it regardless of the fact. And we keep a close monitor on them and we’ll keep a pitch count. We’ll understand when we need to do something and when we don’t.

On if he has been in touch with Darnold at all…
No, I have not.

On if it’s annoying that Darnold’s contract has not been completed…
I’ve played, I’ve coached, I’ve scouted. It’s part of the business. It’s just another day in the office. There’s no animosity there. It’s just the business part. When he comes in, we’ll get him caught up to speed and get him ready to go. So right now we’re just coaching the (89) other guys. It’s not frustrating. I’m a coach – people get hurt, people go down, people get suspended and contract situations. That has nothing to do with the team. I’m worried about the team.

On if Sam Darnold had reached a point in his development at the end of mini-camp to miss a few days of training camp or if he will be behind…
Everybody needs practice full-time, whether it’s a rookie or whether it’s a 15-year veteran. He’ll get caught up when he gets in here. Other than that we will go status quo as usual.

On if Darnold’s absence alters the plans for dividing the reps…
I can’t worry about the guys not here getting the reps. I have to worry about the guys here getting the reps.

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