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Injury Updates; Maye, Kearse & McGuire

Marcus Maye, Leonard Williams

The regular season will begin for the Jets on Monday 9/10 and Todd Bowles spoke about some of the injured players on the team. The full injury report isn’t out yet, we will share that once it is released. For the time being here is what Bowles had to say on some Jets who are battling injuries.

On why Marcus Maye hasn’t been practicing…
We’ve just got guys resting and we’ll see how people are later in the week.

On if Maye is someone he is worried about for Week One…
It’s too early to tell.

On Kelvin Beachum returning and if he is excited to see the entire offensive line unit together again…
It’s always good to have all of your starters. It’s just the continuity we are working through this week. It’s good to see all these starters back when you can have them.

On how comfortable he is with his backups on the offensive line, specifically at left tackle…
They’re backups for a reason, obviously, but when they have to go in and play, (Brent) Qvale, I’m comfortable with him. That’s who we have and I’m comfortable with him.

On if he has more information on a timetable for Elijah McGuire’s return…
Well he is on short-term IR so he’s going to be out for a while and we’ll see where he is when it comes to that point.

On if the doctors have given him a number of weeks for McGuire’s return…
Not to the point where they can pinpoint it down.

On if McGuire had a setback…
No, he had no setbacks.

On if the time frame for McGuire’s return was longer than he had expected…
Longer than the doctors thought, yes.

On what his concern is for Jermaine Kearse…
I don’t have a concern right now.

On when he would have a concern about Kearse…
I’ll see as the day goes on.

On if he feels good that Kearse will be ready to go…
Too early to tell.

On if he is worried about Kearse…
Not right now, it’s too early in the week. I’ll see how the days go by.

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