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Adam Gase is Sitting on a Very Hot Seat

Let’s face it. As a long-suffering but proud NY Jets fan there have been many decisions when it comes to head coaching candidates that the NY Jets have selected or have not selected that can frustrate a Jets fan. The most recent frustration for me as a fan is back to last year, after the Jets finally fired the emotionless Todd Bowles as their head coach and then selected Adam Gase, a coach from the same the division as the Jets that did not have a winning record (23-25 record with the Dolphins) and seemed to never have the respect of the Miami Dolphins locker room.

The Jets needed to hire a former coach with strong prior coaching experience. The hire that would have made the most sense was former Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. No one was pursuing McCarthy last year as a head coach candidate and McCarthy even publicly mentioned that he wanted to coach the Jets. Of course, he meets with the Jets and they do not hire him and this past offseason McCarthy became the coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

If I were Jets General Manager Joe Douglas, this is a make or break year for Adam Gase. Either he can turn around the struggling NY Jets offense (as he often is mentioned as an “offensive guru”) or the Jets need to move on from this Gase experiment. The Jets have a tough schedule next year against the NFC West and the AFC West and they will need to get off to a good start to be competitive for a playoff position come December.

Gase needs to develop Sam Darnold as the franchise quarterback he was drafted to be close to three years ago by the Jets. I was happy that the Jets signed a mentor to backup Darnold in Joe Flacco, the former Ravens and Broncos quarterback, but I think Darnold needs more serious competition and could have had it if the Jets signed Cam Newton to compete with Darnold for the starting job. I honestly do not see Darnold having much success with a very mediocre receiving group and Gase not using Le’Veon Bell to help compliment the running game and the short passing game.

The Jets needed to make a splash this offseason by getting a new Offensive Coordinator, such as fired Cowboys coach Jason Garrett or another coach that was shown the door last season from the Redskins, Jay Gruden. Darnold needs to have a strong OC and a better Quarterbacks Coach. Why his former backup Josh McCown was not hired as Darnold’s Quarterback Coach makes no sense to me, especially since he had a good rapport with McCown when he was Darnold’s backup during his first NFL season.

The Jets need to make a coaching change if Adam Gase has another uneven season like he did last year. If I were Joe Douglas, I would hire a real offensive coach and Chiefs OC Eric Belliamy would be my top candidate. He comes from the Andy Reid coaching tree, has helped to make Patrick Mahomes an NFL MVP and he would help make the Jets exciting and a better team on the field. Gase needed to go… yesterday.

If the Jets having another season like last year, this needs to happen right away.


This Article Was Written By Matthew Marciano

Matthew Marciano

I am a long-suffering but proud NY Jets fan and love writing about (with a critical eye) all things NY Jets. I have been and always will be a NY Jets fan as I bleed Green and White. I am also a graduate of Rutgers and am a big Rutgers Football fan. My favorite Jets players are: Wayne Chrebet, Eric Decker, Darrelle Revis and Curtis Martin. My favorite Jets coach was "The Tuna" Bill Parcells. Favorite Jets Game: Jets vs. Buccaneers ("The Flashlight Game") 2000.

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