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Could You Trade Sam Darnold to the Patriots?

Sam Darnold

GreenBean is in the Animal Kingdom this week and he is talking about Sam Darnold.  He saw a New England Patriots fan walking by (no he did not confront him, his contract with JetNation forbids that). Many Jets fans want the team to move on from Sam Darnold. How would they feel about that if it mean Sam Darnold was on the New England Patriots?

If you are okay moving on, why would it be a problem if he played for Bill Belichick? Are you afraid of what someone on the Jets might do when they go to a new team? GreenBean wants the Jets to build the best Jets roster possible and says nothing else matter, don’t be afraid.  Joe Douglas has to put together a team filled with the best players.  Where they end up when they are off the Jets roster is

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Phil Sullivan

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