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Flacco to Start on Sunday; Why?

Joe Flacco

Are you ready for more Joe Flacco on Sunday? Ready or not, here he comes.  Robert Saleh confirmed that Saleh would start during his press conference on Wednesday.

There was no serious need to make a change with Joe (Flacco). It’s one game. We played a really good defense. I know the quarterback gets a lot of the brunt. He gets celebrated and all the negativity too – the positives and the negatives. There are a lot of things that we as a team could’ve done to help him out a lot during the game, too. We’ll give it another run, and I think Joe will be a lot better.

When you look back at the game, when he had a clean pocket, he was very, very efficient. Part of a clean pocket is the offensive line’s responsibility to give it to him and for him, to just deliver the ball where it needs to and just get off of certain reads. It was a bunch of different things. I thought he handled the huddle well, the procedure was good, everything was fine. We just stalled in the sense of when the pocket collapsed, whether or not he could get it to his check down fast enough. Just little things that were just a little bit off, especially in that first half. There was more than just him. There’s the o-line, there’s route running, there’s dropped passes, fumbles that stalled drives. There’s just a comedy of errors that lead to what looked like a bad performance by him. Now, it wasn’t the best performance, but I think it wasn’t as bad as people think it was.

We made our thoughts clear during the game. This is a team that has talent, and they are balancing the line between trying to win now and getting better for next year. Zach Wilson is the biggest puzzle piece and when he gets back, they will find out (hopefully) if he is the long-term answer at QB.

What is already known is that Joe Flacco had a great career and it is unlikely that he will be on the team next year.

So, why not play Mike White and learn if he can be along-termm backup? That is where we stand, apparently, Robert Saleh disagrees.


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