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New York’s NFL franchises have a collective 19-8 record.  That mark includes the Buffalo Bills who are technically the only team that plays in the State of New York. Most fans consider the Giants and Jets as the only “New York” football teams.

Regarding those “New York” teams, you probably didn’t have the Giants and Jets posting an aggregate mark of 13-5 at this point in the season. It’s unlikely that you figured both the Jets and Giants to be in front of the Bills, who were the favorite to win the Super Bowl before week one with these NY sportsbook apps. Technically speaking, the Jets and Bills are tied at 6-3, but the Jets have the tiebreaker based on their stunning upset of the Bills earlier this month. The Giants have matched their season total for wins with seven. Big Blue has eight games left to cover that number, and they are favored to do it this week at home against the Lions (+3.5).  The Jets have already surpassed their season total for wins (5.5). They will spend their last eight games of the season making ‘under’ bettors look worse than they do now.

Opportunity continues to knock on your door despite finding you unreceptive thus far. At roughly the halfway point in the season, both ‘New York’ teams are playoff bound. Both the Giants and Jets would be their conference’s five seed if the playoffs started today. Both are in the race for the division; although the Giant’s road is considerably more difficult since the league’s only undefeated team (Philadelphia) resides in the NFC East. The Jets are only a half-game back of Miami for first in the AFC East.  A live ticket secured before the season started with the Jets winning the division pays a tidy 16-1. https://www.si.com/betting/2022/07/14/jets-over-under-wins-total-odds-breakdown Okay, I’ll stop rubbing it in on those missed pre-season opportunities.

What about today? Well, both New York teams are right around 60-1 to win the Super Bowl. It’s a surprising value given both teams’ current positions. It would be a bit of a miracle for either team to make the big game, much less take home the Lombardi trophy. The Giants have the easier road given the strength of the AFC elite teams and the limited number of true contenders in the NFC. At 60-1 it seems worthy of small play – just in case this year continues down the same wild path it has been on thus far.

Conference odds have the Giants at just under 28-1 while Gang Green is 31-1. Attractive numbers and again worthy of a small wager for fun and fanhood. If you’re looking for something more heavily anchored in the realm of the possible, I like the value the Ravens are getting.  Baltimore is 6.5-1 to win the AFC, and their remaining schedule could put them in the mix for home-field advantage. The undefeated Eagles stand at 2-1 right now to take the NFC. Though it’s a little short on value, Philly is easily the most complete team in the NFC. If I can double my money with the obvious favorite, I’ll take it.

There’s also an opportunity at the division level. Division odds have the Giants at 14-1 to take the NFC East. I’m not eager to jump on at that number given the Giants are three games back, and their second-half schedule sets up to be more difficult than their first half did. The Jets are 11-1 to take the AFC East. Despite the shorter number, I see this as the better value given the Jet’s play thus far and their remaining schedule.

Knock, knock…the halfway point in the NFL schedule is at the door. Will you continue to sit on the sidelines, or will you open yourself up to the possibilities?

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