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Saleh Predicts Jets Playoff Berth; Says “We’ll see Those guys (Bills) Again”

Robert Saleh

Robert Saleh is putting himself out there in hopes of getting the response he needs from his players to get to the post-season.  Speaking with reporters after the game and discussing the Buffalo Bills, Saleh said at one point “We’ll see them (Bills) again”

Now while some may have written the comment off as Saleh talking about the 2023 season, Connor Hughes of SNY confirmed via twitter that he contacted Saleh via text and the coach did in fact mean this season.

Earlier in the year when his team was catching a ton of heat for their poor play, Saleh told the world that he was “keeping receipts” for those critics who would eventually be proven wrong.  His players responded by producing what has been one of the team’s best performances in over a decade.  Now Saleh is going to the well again.

A respected leader in the locker room, Saleh has upped the ante by saying the Jets and Bills will play each other again this season and now it’s up to his players to make it stand up on Sundays.  The Jets have four games left to make Saleh in to a prophet one more time.

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Glenn Naughton

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