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10 Ways To Feel Connected As A Jets Supporter In The UK

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Being an active part of the Jets community can be tricky when you’re located far away, and you are a UK Jets fan. It’s a pretty long trip from the UK to New York and not one that fans will be able to make on a regular basis. Whether you’re a supporter raised in the UK, a brand-new British fan, or a New Yorker who’s moved country, you’ll need to feel connected to the team to get the most out of being a jets supporter.   

This might feel difficult, but it is achievable. You might be surprised to learn that American football has a healthy and quickly growing fanbase in the UK. This means your chances of finding fellow Jets fans, merch, and opportunities to enjoy American football are far greater than in previous years, mainly if you live in a metropolitan area.   

Support The Jets Through Highs And Lows  

With any sports team, supporting can involve a lot of highs and lows. For new fans, losses and letdowns can make it hard to know whether to keep supporting. However, with the lows come the highs, and there’s not much fun in being a fair-weather fan. Even for seasoned lifetime fans, it can be hard to deal with the lows when the Jets aren’t doing so well, but it is crucial to keep the faith and continue supporting them regardless.   

Invest In The Merch  

Another great way to show your support is to invest in some Jets merch. There are plenty of options available, from hats to hoodies to car ornaments to jerseys. Having your own Jets merch can go a long way to making you feel like a true part of the Jets community. In addition, wearing Jets-branded clothes around your daily life increases the chances of meeting more Jets fans out and about – a win-win.   

Connect With Other UK Jets Fans  

Community is key to getting the most out of being a Jets fan. You’re unlikely to find as much of a community in the UK compared to America, but, likely, you’ll still be able to find some people who support the club. These could be American ex-pats or some of the growing number of British citizens discovering a love for American football. Consider searching online for fan websites and social media pages for local Jets fan pages.   

Host Watch Parties  

Once you’ve found your local Jets fan tribe, you can start to enjoy the community that supporting the same team creates. An excellent way for you all to bond could be through watch parties. Of course, the timings of the games might not always be suited to watch parties if they fall in the middle of the day or early in the morning.  

If this is the case, you could consider avoiding all the news on the results and meeting to watch the game after the fact. This might be tricky, particularly if you follow a lot of Jets-related media, but it is worth it for the feeling of watching a brand-new game together.   

Place Bets On The Outcomes  

Nothing can make the outcome of a game more exciting than having some money riding on it. Betting on games is a time-honored tradition and one that can massively increase your enjoyment of the game. It is crucial to gamble responsibly, spending no more money than you can afford to lose. You should also look for a reputable gambling app that will keep your money safe and give you great odds. This page has a great list of casinos, so you can see which app is the best 

Read Histories And Autobiographies  

Reading up on the Jets’ history is crucial for new fans. Even for seasoned fans, a refresher in Jet history can’t go amiss. Reading the autobiographies of notable players and coaches can also be a great way to feel more connected to the Jets and improve your overall knowledge of the team. There are countless excellent options available to help you feel closer than ever to the Jets, even from thousands of miles away.   

Get Involved With The Online Jets Community  

If you’re struggling to find other Jets fans to connect with in person, joining some online communities could be an excellent alternative. As mentioned above, you will usually be able to find local, national, and international Jets fan clubs on social media. While it can’t quite compare to in-person interactions, you can still enjoy the sense of community that comes from being connected with other Jets fans digitally.   

Watch Famous Old Games  

If there aren’t any new games for you to watch, taking a look at some famous historical Jets games can be a great way to feel more connected with the team. This can be a great activity with other Jets fans and a brilliant way for new fans to learn more about the history and background of the team.   

Join A British American Football League  

If your interest in American football goes beyond watching the Jets, you might consider joining an amateur British American football league. These are gaining a lot of popularity in the UK, with many universities having a sports society dedicated to the game. This can give you some hands-on experience and understanding of how the game is played and what it takes to succeed, with the bonus of getting fitter.   

Make A Fantasy League  

A fantasy league can be a fun way to learn more about the Jets and really get to know other fans. You’ll need a few Jets friends to help you get started, and these can be either online or real-life friends. You can then choose your starting team from the players in the NFL and bring a whole new level of entertainment to Jets and other American football games.   


Being a Jets fan in the UK can feel isolating, but it doesn’t have to be. Even if you’re not in the ancestral home of the Jets, there are plenty of ways to feel connected with the team and other fans. You may need to be proactive and seek out other fans, and making use of the thriving online communities is essential. You can also show your team’s colors with merch and by doing your homework into the storied history of the Jets.  

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