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Zach Wilson Got Better this Preseason; Laken Tomlinson Comments on O-Line

Zach Wilson - Aaron Rodgers

Our very own Glenn Naughton didn’t let a vacation stop him from sharing his thoughts about the New York Jets. Like so many die-hard fans, even leisure time is an opportunity to ponder the future of the team. Zach Wilson got better this offseason, Laken Tomlinson has some big words, and rookies are always front and center when it is time to finalize the NY Jets Roster.

Zach Wilson – Offseason Improvements

In the video, Glenn talks about the strides Zach Wilson has made this offseason. Wilson is the backup QB so hopefully, Aaron Rodgers starts every game. It is still encouraging to see him develop.

Laken Tomlinson’s Bold Prediction

Moving on, Glenn discusses Laken Tomlinson’s bold prediction concerning the Jets’ offensive line. According to Tomlinson, the line is poised to be one of the best in the league. Glenn explores whether this prediction holds water and what it could mean for the team.

Roster Cuts and New Additions

As the deadline for the final roster cuts looms, Glenn speculates on which rookies have the best chance of making the team. With cuts being finalized on Tuesday, he tosses around some rookies to watch.
For those eager to keep up with all things Jets, make sure you watch Glenn’s video to get his detailed insights. The clock is ticking, and we’ll know the final roster soon enough!

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