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Joe Tippmann, Sauce Gardner, Duane Brown – NY Jets Injury Updates

NY Jets Injury Report

The Jets are back at the facility this week after the bye and fans have been waiting for some NY Jets Injury updates. Robert Saleh provided that on Wednesday, his update is below. Saleh won’t speak to the media again until Friday. On Thursday all three coordinators will hold press conferences, we will have more on that after they take place

NY Jets Injury Updates

Real quick injuries- (Joe) Tippmann won’t practice today, he’s still dealing with his quad, Randall Cobb won’t practice today, he’s dealing with his shoulder, and then everyone else is limited. D.J. (Reed) and Ahmad Gardner have still not cleared the concussion protocol, so they’re still going through it. You’ll see them at practice, but they’re still going through it.

Do Sauce Gardner and DJ Reed have to practice to clear the protocol?

Yeah, it’s very similar, not speaking for Sauce because it happened so much later in the week, but D.J. was on the same timeline, and then Thursday, he couldn’t pass that hurdle on Thursday, so it’s going to be one of those things with both of them that will probably take all the way until game day.

Randall Cobb

He’s dealing with an AC. We’re anticipating getting him back in practice tomorrow, but just giving him some time. He’s already limited on Wednesdays anyway from a veteran standpoint, but we felt like ‘just give him one more day’.

Duane Brown

He looks good, everything looks good, we’re just going to wait another week- we’re pushing it back another week. Not saying that he’ll be activated next week, but we have time on that one.

His practice window isn’t open yet.

Does Joe Tippmann have a chance this week? I know you said he’s a quick healer, but before the bye you said it could be some time.

He is a quick healer, so both statements can be true. I’m always hopeful he could be available, but we’ll see. Tomorrow, we’ll see how he feels and whether or not we can get him in practice.

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