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NY Jets Injury Report: Zach Wilson Out, Carter Warren to Start at RT

Zach Wilson - Aaron Rodgers

Robert Saleh spoke to the media on Wednesday and gave the latest NY Jets Injury Update. With Zach Wilson out, Trevor Siemian will get the start. Aaron Rodgers will not be active.

Alright, good morning. Real quick, injuries, Zach Wilson, he will not clear the protocol, so he’ll be out. Obviously, Aaron (Rodgers) will be out. Duane Brown, he’s going to pop up on the injury report with a back, he’ll be questionable for the game, we’re still hopeful, but we’ll see what happens. That happened yesterday. And then JFM (John Franklin-Myers) will not practice today.

JFM (John Franklin-Myers)?

I still feel good about JFM. He usually goes through some stuff like this, but he always finds his way to gameday, so I’m still very encouraged on him.

Zach Wilson For Next Thursday

It’s still a possibility. It does make it challenging that it is a Thursday game, so he does have to clear some hurdles over the weekend, but again, it’s going to be one of those we’ll see.

Will Aaron Rodgers be designated as the third quarterback?


Like I said, we had the roster flexibility and as a team, we just felt like it’d be really good to give him the ability to go out and practice because of our roster flexibility. Again, the designation of IR versus being able to practice with the guys is you’re either on field three or you’re able to do it with the team, so it’s all a part of his progression. We had the roster flexibility where we weren’t costing anybody a job, and we were still able to maintain the full roster as we would have it for the last three weeks, and we thought why not, so we did it.

Carter Warren

Carter Warren, he will play.

Is he your right tackle?


Is Nick Bawden back?

Nick Bawden’ i back with a good chance of being elevated on gameday.

NY Jets Injury Report

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