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NY Jets Wide Receiver Wish List

Mike Evans

When Corey Davis retired this past summer, the NY Jets wide receiver depth chart got much thinner. With Randall Cobb and Alan Lazard having disappointing seasons, the problem only seemed to get worse. Garrett Wilson has proven his worth with another 1,000-yard season. So the question on the minds of many Jets fans is, what will the Jets do at wide receiver next season? The draft is always possible, but I saw this thread posted in our Jets Community about the NY Jets Wide Receiver situation and felt it was worth sharing. Poster, Football Guy, outlined things this way:

A lot of talk has been about the OL and QB positions, but adding a perimeter WR is a move the Jets (and Rodgers) have made clear that they have been angling to do since the trade deadline.

Analyzing what they currently have, they realistically only need one piece at WR. Garrett Wilson is the bonafide #1, Lazard (hopefully) improves as the WR3/4. With a healthy Rodgers throwing to him, Gipson maintains a situational role, Jason Brownlee serves as a backup, and Irv Charles sticks as a core special teamer. They may acquire more than one, but chances are they would be depth options to compete with Gipson/Brownlee/Charles.

It was reported that the Jets reached out to Las Vegas, Tampa Bay, and Cincinnati to check on the availability of Davante Adams, Mike Evans, and Tee Higgins, but they were not available first go around. None of them is a given. Adams may opt to remain on the West Coast, Evans could be franchised/remain in TB, and Tee Higgins is likely to be franchise-tagged (possibly traded thereafter). Still, we’d face stiff competition for all. Below are all the names I’m monitoring as potential Free Agents / trade candidates:

  • Davante Adams – is going to be the Jets’ top target. If Adams wants to be traded, I think it’ll happen. I don’t think that’s a given, though. Rodgers doesn’t control Adams (after all, it was his decision to leave GB for LV), and Adams may decide he wants to remain on the west coast- especially if he buys into whatever plan the Raiders have after this season. You also have to consider what the draft capital would be here.
  • Mike Evans – if Evans makes it to FA, he’s the guy I expect them to land. But will he hit FA? Have to think he’ll remain in TB if they pony up the money. Also, you can’t rule out the franchise tag.
  • Tee Higgins – Higgins will probably be franchise-tagged, but there’s a chance (likely?) he’s traded. Jets issue is he wants to be a WR1 and will likely go to the highest bidder.
  • Michael Pittman – I doubt he will get out of IND; chances are he will be franchise-tagged if not extended.
  • Calvin Ridley – I don’t think they will go down this road. They were interested in him a few years ago, but that was before acquiring Wilson. They’re going to target bigger body separators.
  • Hollywood Brown – see Calvin Ridley.
  • Mike Williams – no one talks about him as an option, but I think this will have legs. Chargers have cap issues and will need to start relocating some assets. If the new coach/GM likes Johnston, wouldn’t surprise me to see MW traded.
  • Terry McLaurin – I don’t think he’ll be traded, but there’s at least a chance the new administration will move him as a part of a rebuild. He’d be among my favorite options- just a complete player.
  • DK Metcalf – is another dark horse, but he fits the mold of receiver the Jets will be looking for. It’s been somewhat under the radar, but he and the Seahawks have been at odds over his on-field antics.


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