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In an action-packed episode of JetNation Radio, hosts Glenn Naughton and Dylan Tereman bring you the latest inside scoop on the New York Jets, straight from the 2024 Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. This episode not only delves into the team’s strategic plans for the upcoming season but also provides firsthand observations from the Senior Bowl, where the future stars of the NFL showcase their talents.

Senior Bowl 2024: Glenn and Dylan on the Ground in Mobile

Before we get into the episode this week, just a quick reminder that Glenn and Dylan will both be attending the Senior Bowl in Mobile Alabama. Stay tuned for standout players, potential draft picks for the Jets, and how the performances at the Senior Bowl could influence the team’s draft strategy. Their on-the-ground insights offer listeners a unique perspective on the rising talents and how they might fit into the Jets plans.

Douglas and Saleh’s Vision for the Jets

The hosts also dissect the recent in-depth interview with Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh, conducted by Eric Allen of In this segment, they analyze the team’s future strategies as outlined by the Jets’ GM and head coach, offering critical insights into what fans can expect in 2024.

The Implications of Duce Staley’s Move to the Browns

A significant part of the episode is dedicated to discussing Duce Staley’s decision to join the Cleveland Browns, a move that bypassed a potential role with the Jets. Glenn and Dylan explore the reasons behind Staley’s choice and its potential impact on the Jets’ coaching staff and their tactics for the upcoming season.

Jamal Adams: Possible Reunion with the Jets?

Adding to the intrigue, the episode touches on former Jets safety Jamal Adams and his recent social media interactions, which heavily feature the Jets. The hosts debate the implications of a potential return for Adams to the team, weighing the advantages and challenges it might present.


This episode of JetNation Radio is a must-listen for all Jets fans. With exclusive insights from the Senior Bowl, analysis of the team’s future plans, and engaging discussions on key player movements, Glenn and Dylan continue to keep the JetNation community informed and excited about what lies ahead for the team. Tune in for an in-depth look at the New York Jets as they gear up for an exciting 2024 season.

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