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Untapped Potential: Chazz Surratt Outlook

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Chazz Surratt’s journey to the NFL is a narrative of exceptional adaptability and relentless pursuit of excellence. Originating from his high school days at East Lincoln in Denver, North Carolina, Surratt stood out as a quarterback, garnering significant recognition.

His performance on the field led to him being twice named a first-team All-State selection by the Associated Press (AP). His senior year achievements further cemented his reputation, earning him the titles of Parade National Player of the Year and Parade All-American, along with the AP Offensive Player of the Year accolade in North Carolina.

His transition from a highly celebrated quarterback in high school to a linebacker at the University of North Carolina showcased his incredible flexibility and commitment to the game. The transformation paved the way for his professional career with the New York Jets.

His ability to adapt and understand the game from multiple viewpoints suggests he could become a valuable asset for fantasy football enthusiasts looking for a sleeper pick with the potential to deliver significant returns.

Early Years and Transition

Initially a quarterback at UNC, Surratt boldly switched to linebacker, significantly shaping his professional career. Notable performances marked his tenure at UNC, yet his transition to a defense caught the attention of NFL scouts.

Drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in the third round of the 2021 NFL Draft, Surratt’s path to the NFL was unconventional but underscored by his athletic versatility and determination.

Professional Career Development

Chazz Surratt’s tenure with the Vikings marked the beginning of his transition from a quarterback in college to a linebacker in the NFL. On January 9, 2023, Surratt further solidified his place in the league by signing a reserve/future contract with the New York Jets, a testament to his potential and value to the team. Despite transitioning from the Vikings to the Jets, Surratt’s legacy endures among North Carolina fans, where he remains a beloved figure.

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Fantasy Football Outlook for 2024

If you are in a league with defensive players for the 2024 fantasy football season, Surratt’s prospects are buoyed by his potential for increased snap counts and role within the Jets’ defense. His ability to contribute across multiple defensive statistics, including tackles, sacks, and possibly interceptions, given his background, makes him a sleeper candidate in fantasy circles. Playing time is something to watch for him, if he isn’t on the field his numbers will make him undraftable.

Given his evolving role in the Jets’ linebacker corps, Surratt’s impact on fantasy football is expected to grow. His knack for aggressive play and blitzing could translate into valuable fantasy points through sacks and tackles for loss. However, his relative inexperience at the position and the adjustment to the NFL’s pace and physicality are factors that fantasy managers should monitor.

Strategic Consideration for Fantasy Managers

Surratt’s evolving role on the Jets’ defense presents both a challenge and an opportunity for fantasy managers. Given his limited defensive snaps thus far in his career, his potential impact on fantasy leagues remains speculative. However, his special teams play has been noteworthy. His three tackles in seven games, primarily on special teams, underscore a player who is still finding his footing but has the potential to break out​​.

With a modest tackle count and participation in both the preseason and regular season, Surratt’s contributions have been limited but show promise for growth. His career stats reveal a player who is on the cusp of making a more significant impact, especially as he gains more experience and comfort in his linebacker role​​.


Chazz Surratt’s fantasy football outlook for the 2024 season presents a mix of uncertainty and promise. His journey from college quarterback to NFL linebacker exemplifies versatility and adaptability—qualities that could translate into fantasy relevance. Surratt’s role with the New York Jets will become clearer as the season progresses, potentially offering fantasy managers a valuable asset in their quest for championship glory.

Surratt embodies the essence of untapped potential in fantasy football. His development, usage, and performance in the coming season will be critical in determining his value to fantasy managers. Those keen on using Surratt’s unique skill set must stay updated on his progress and adjust their strategies accordingly.

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