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Looking at the NY Jets Roster

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Glenn Naughton gave us an update on the Ashytn Davis move the other day. So now is an excellent time to look at where the NY Jets Roster stands as we head closer to the NFL Draft. Our good friend Sarge handles all the things related to the roster for us. He posted an interesting thread in our forums

After re-signing Ashytn Davis, Top 5 Remaining Roster Holes

  • Wide Receiver
    Wilson is great, Williams is recovering from injury, Lazard may or may not rebound with Rodgers as QB, Gipson can contribute as a WR as well as a KR, Charles is a special teams star  and Brownlee certainly has turned heads in practice.  So the pieces are there, but we’d all feel better with another young, healthy, talented WR (as I always say, Brock Bowers would count here)
    Priority = URGENT
  • Offensive Line
    Right now we have a good starting 5 – Smith-Simpson-Tippmann-Vera Tucker-Moses.  And we have a couple of above average to good backups – Warren – Schweitzer – Mitchell.  But there are a lot of injury questions in that group. Another OL would not be a luxury, but a necessity.  A pure Tackle preferably or a Guard/Tackle maybe
    Priority = URGENT
  • Running Back
    I know many JetNationers think we don’t need another RB, but I do.   But we are 1 freak injury or awkward misstep away from Izzy Abanikanda being our starting RB.  I like Izzy, but as a change of pace option, not the go to guy.  Sign a veteran RB #2 or spend a 4th rounder to get a viable option
    Priority = HIGH
  • Cornerback
    We have 1 legendary CB, 1 great CB, and 1 very good CB.  #4 CB Brandin Echols is even solid.  But you always need to be drafting CBs.
    Priority = MEDIUM 
  • Linebacker
    Another spot where JetNation disagrees. Mosley has maybe 1 or 2 seasons left.  Williams is very good.  Sherwood looks like a solid role player.  Zaire Barnes flashed potential.  Yes, you can always get a serviceable veteran backup LB, but I’d like to see us go for something more
    Priority = MEDIUM

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