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Schefter: Jets 2024 Schedule to be Released on May 15th

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According to Adam Schefter, the NFL schedule will be released on May 15th. That means that the Jets 2024 schedule will be here this week and all eyes are on Gang Green, with Aaron Rodgers back in the mix. His return to the field after being limited to just four plays last season adds a layer of intrigue and anticipation around the Jets’ schedule.

Typically, the number of primetime games a team gets is influenced by star power, market size, and last season’s performance. With a high-profile player like Aaron Rodgers, the Jets are more likely to attract additional primetime slots. Despite last season’s limited showing from Rodgers, his reputation and the narrative of his comeback could make the Jets a more appealing choice for night games.

Considering these factors, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Jets scheduled for at least three but possibly five night games this season. This would include appearances on “Sunday Night Football,” “Monday Night Football,” and possibly even “Thursday Night Football.” The NFL and broadcasters tend to bank on comeback stories and the star appeal of players like Rodgers to draw in viewers, which could play to the Jets’ advantage.

For a more detailed discussion and to share your thoughts on how many night games the Jets will have, check out what other fans are saying about the Jets 2024 schedule in our forums.

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