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Jets Favored in 14 / 17 Games (Early Lines)

Aaron Rodgers, Robert Saleh

Before you read this and yell at me, let’s preface it. Yes, it is May, and training camp is still two months away. There were reports this offseason that the Jets schedule was going to be much easier this season. Things can change in a hurry; those who didn’t know that already learned it four plays into last season. It does looks like the schedule is playing out in a more favorable light. I saw this in the JetNation Forums, an excellent tweet by Nooner. He recapped the early DraftKings lines and the Jets are favored in 14 of 17 games with the early lines via DraftKings.

This all hinges upon a healthy Aaron Rodgers, of course. It does show what the expectations are if you add Rodgers in with this defense.

It has certainly been a long road, and we all want the Jets in the playoffs (and beyond) more than anything.  This is certainly a glimmer of hope that this season could be different. We all know that preseason predictions can be a tricky business. Injuries, unexpected performances, and sheer bad luck can all throw a wrench into the best-laid plans.

So, for now, sit back and think happy thoughts! This is a refreshing change of events.

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Phil Sullivan

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