Gregg Hayim

3-3 and Back in the Mix

3-3 and back in the mix…but what did we learn Monday night? We saw some glimmers of hope, but right now the Jets still have not found an identity. But a win on Sunday would go a long way in righting the ship…oh, and Darrelle Revis is a God… Read more

Superbowl’s Aren’t Won, or Lost in October

Superbowl’s aren’t won, or lost in October…everyone take a deep breath. There are concerns, but nothing that can’t be corrected. It’s time for this team to find its identity once again. Let’s start Monday night… Listen in as Gregg Hayim talks NY Jets football in the JetNation Podcast… Read more

Expecting To Win

The Jets culture has changed and they expected to win the game against the Cowboys on Sunday night.  Rex has this team believing that they can get it done even when it doesn’t seem likely.  Gregg Hayim talks about this being one of the most memorable wins and the perfect way to start the season… Read more

Sixty Minutes

Sixty minutes. Sixty minutes to erase forty one years. Forty one years of ‘could have beens’, ‘should have beens’ and ‘never was’. Forty one years of wide right’s, fake spikes, roughing the passer’s and everything in between. The base of the very same sixty minute mountain the Jets have found themselves at just three times… Read more

New York Jets \ NE Patriots Podcast

Great moments are born from great opportunity. One game. This is your time.  Now go out there and take it. Listen in and get pumped for the Jets \ Patriots game.  Gregg Hayim is believing and will have your ready to fight.  Be careful because after hearing this you are going to be fired up… Read more

The Ride Is Just Beginning

The New York Jets lost to the Chicago Bears and Gregg Hayim is in a good mood.  A very good mood that is a direct result of the Jets qualifying for the playoffs. Gregg steps back and looks at what the Jets offense accomplished last week.  The defense can be fixed, but the offense will… Read more

8 and 2 Podcast

Welcome to the official 8 and 2 podcast.  The Jets were headed towards 7 and 3 until Mark Sanchez and company responded.  You want to talk improbable wins, look no further than last week.  A defining moment, the drive and Sanchez got it done. Listen to the podcast below as Gregg looks at: The defense… Read more

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