Gregg Hayim


3-3 and Back in the Mix

3-3 and back in the mix…but what did we learn Monday night? We saw some glimmers of hope, but right [...]


Superbowl’s Aren’t Won, or Lost in October

Superbowl’s aren’t won, or lost in October…everyone take a deep breath. There are concerns, but nothing that can’t be corrected. [...]


Expecting To Win

The Jets culture has changed and they expected to win the game against the Cowboys on Sunday night.  Rex has [...]

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Sixty Minutes

Sixty minutes. Sixty minutes to erase forty one years. Forty one years of ‘could have beens’, ‘should have beens’ and [...]


New York Jets \ NE Patriots Podcast

Great moments are born from great opportunity. One game. This is your time.  Now go out there and take it. [...]


The Ride Is Just Beginning

The New York Jets lost to the Chicago Bears and Gregg Hayim is in a good mood.  A very good [...]


8 and 2 Podcast

Welcome to the official 8 and 2 podcast.  The Jets were headed towards 7 and 3 until Mark Sanchez and [...]