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Featured Editorials

New York Jets Report Card: Week 7

Week 7 Report Card: Jets @ Dolphins L 31-28     Quarterback: C Josh McCown: 17/27 209 yards, 3 TDs [...]

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Short Term Pain, Long Term Gain

With the team committing to a rebuild, the “sting” of losses has been removed. If yesterday’s collapse happened in previous years [...]

Featured Editorials

Jets Taking Unnecessary Risk in Playing Wilkerson

Unless he’s suffering from a far more serious injury that the shoulder sprain Jets fans have been made aware of, [...]

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Bringing up the Rear; Jets Defense Earns PFF’s Lowest Grade

It’s not something you’d expect to see from a team that has spent almost all of their first round draft [...]

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NY Jets Podcast: Jets Lose to Patriots in Questionable Fashion

On this week’s episode of JetNation Radio, Joe and Glenn have a TON to talk about. The Jets showed positive and negative [...]

Featured Editorials Game Recap

Game Observations (NE)

There are no “moral victories” in sports you either win or lose.  So even though the Jets put up a good [...]


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