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Game Recap

Some Young Players Starting To Stand Out

Who saw this win coming? Back to back wins against two playoff teams after 13 straight losses? I was furious

Jets Recap; Quinnen, Elfein & What to do in the Draft

An absolutely worthless, meaningless win that “improves” the Jets record to 1-13 has now probably cost the team a shot

The Day After (Another Loss) — Jets Notes

It is almost over, only three more games (they better be losses) and the Jets can get on to the

Game Observations; Ty Johnson & Targeting Playmakers

You’ve got to be kidding me, that was way too close for comfort!  Henry Ruggs finally woke up and played

Young Players Starting to Stand Out

Interesting dynamics going on in the last two games.  Two close losses (good) and within the contests young players are

Game Notes; Build the Line Around Becton

That was a close game but Jaguars fans got punched in the mouth as the Jets pulled out a last

Game Notes; Why is Gase Still Employed?

I’m sorry I didn’t post earlier but the Jets committed another personal foul against me, “roughing the writer” and I

49ers @ Jets Week 2 Recap: Jets Lose to Backups, Suffer More Injuries

Game Recap In a Week 2 that saw so many injuries across the league, the Jets and Niners suffered a

Game Rewind; Gase Refuses to Run and Setup the Pass

Each week KRL will provide mid week thoughts on the previous game. In case you missed it here was the

Jets @ Bills Week 1 Recap: Darnold, Offense Falter; Look Unprepared

Game Recap The 2020 season did not get off to the start the Jets were hoping for. Instead, the offense

Darnold in the Rain; Other KRL Game Notes

In a game that was extremely hard to watch and had a pre-season feel to it, the Jets ended the

Jets Fall To Ravens; KRL Game Notes

If you’re looking for the usual “the sky is falling”, “fire everybody” hot takes after a Jet loss you’re looking