Woody Johnson

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Woody Set to Hand Control to his Brother

The New York Jets have announced what has been discussed for quite some time. Donald Trump intends to nominate Woody [...]

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Woody Speaks

Woody Johnson spoke to the media on Thursday. The full transcript can be found in our NY Jets forum. Here [...]

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Report: Woody Johnson Likely to Give day-to-day Control to Younger Brother

By Glenn Naughton   With New York Jets team owner Woody Johnson III expected to assume a post as U.S. [...]

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Report: Jets’ Bowles to Return in 2017

By Glenn Naughton Like it or not Jets fans, it appears that head coach Todd Bowles, the man in charge [...]

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Will Todd Bowles’ Fate Rest in Hands of Rex Ryan?

By Glenn Naughton   As the Jets prepare to play the final game of their disastrous season, one that will [...]

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Jets Scribes Pushing Nauseating Narrative Regarding Bowles’ Job Security

By Glenn Naughton   Okay, this is just flat-out silly at this point. Since watching his team get stomped on [...]


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