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Final Regular Season NFL Top 10

by Nick Ferraro on January 3, 2012

  1. Green Bay Packers – (1) – Aaron Rodgers didn’t play, and they still beat the Lions.  They are the favorites to win the Super Bowl at 9-5.
  2. New Orleans Saints – (2) Sunday’s destruction of the Panthers made it eight straight wins for the Saints.  The Saints are a good value at 9-2 to win the Super Bowl.
  3. New England Patriots (3) – The Pats have only played the second halves of their last two games, and still won both and home field advantage.  They will need a full four quarters in the playoffs.  The Pats are 4-1 to win the Super Bowl.
  4. Baltimore Ravens – (5) The Ravens are running the ball the way they need to in order to win in the playoffs.  The Ravens are a good value at 7-1.
  5. San Francisco 49ers – (4) The Niners locked up the number two seed, which will be huge for them in a likely matchup with New Orleans.   The Niners are 11-1.
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers – (6) The Steelers are banged up, but draw the overmatched Broncos in round one.  The Steel Men are 11-1.
  7. New York Giants – (7) The Giants dominated the Cowboys who always seem to fold in the big games.  Big Blue is dangerous at 18-1.
  8. Atlanta Falcons (10) – The Falcons need to find their power running game to advance. They are a longshot at 35-1.
  9. Philadelphia Eagles (NR) – It’s a shame the Eagles couldn’t figure things out a little sooner.  They would make things interesting in the playoffs.
  10. Houston Texans (NR) The Texans are showing a lot of character, but the injuries will mean a short run in the playoffs.  Houston is 40-1.

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