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Joe Brod

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This Is It

by Joe Brod on November 8, 2011

By Joe Brod 5-3. Tied for first place in the AFC East. This is what it’s all about. Sunday night the New York Jets will play the New England Patriots for the 106th and quite possibly most important time in the 51-year history of this vicious rivalry. And no, it’s not because the all-time series […]

By Joe Brod This past week our beloved New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan was involved in a minor brouhaha over his answer to a question about how he thought he would have done had he been hired as the Head Coach of the San Diego Chargers when he interviewed for that position prior […]

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Who Are These Jets?

by Joe Brod on September 28, 2011

By Joe Brod Well that was awful. That pretty much sums up this past Sunday’s debacle against the Oakland Raiders. There’s really no need to go over the details. But the question lingers. It is the same question I had about this team going into the season – Is this team really ready to take […]

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I Heart Bart Scott

by Joe Brod on September 21, 2011

By Joe Brod It’s five minutes after midnight, March 3, 2009. Recently named New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan is standing on a lawn in suburban Baltimore making a phone call. Who is he calling? He is calling the guy who he has handpicked to bring with him to New York to help reshape […]

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Total QBR?

by Joe Brod on September 14, 2011

33 QBs played in NFL football games this past Sunday. ESPN ranked them all using their new “Total QBR” system. The results are in, and they are very stupid. Before I get started, let me stress that this will not simply be about our own Mark Sanchez being ranked 30th by this system, although that […]

Great Expectations

September 7, 2011
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By Joe Brod This is it! This is our year! We’re finally gonna do it! The Jets are going to win the Super Bowl! Not so fast. For some odd reason, I don’t seem to share the enthusiasm of the majority of my fellow Jets fans going into this season. It’s not that I don’t […]

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