Joe Brod

12 Weeks In 37 Years

12 weeks in 37 years. There have only been 12 weeks in my life as a New York Jets fan

This Is It

By Joe Brod 5-3. Tied for first place in the AFC East. This is what it’s all about. Sunday night

Thank You A.J. Smith and Dean Spanos

By Joe Brod This past week our beloved New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan was involved in a minor

Who Are These Jets?

By Joe Brod Well that was awful. That pretty much sums up this past Sunday’s debacle against the Oakland Raiders.

I Heart Bart Scott

By Joe Brod It’s five minutes after midnight, March 3, 2009. Recently named New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan

Total QBR?

33 QBs played in NFL football games this past Sunday. ESPN ranked them all using their new “Total QBR” system.

Great Expectations

By Joe Brod This is it! This is our year! We’re finally gonna do it! The Jets are going to