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Joe Brod

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12 Weeks In 37 Years

12 weeks in 37 years. There have only been 12 weeks in my life as a New York Jets fan [...]

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This Is It

By Joe Brod 5-3. Tied for first place in the AFC East. This is what it’s all about. Sunday night [...]

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Thank You A.J. Smith and Dean Spanos

By Joe Brod This past week our beloved New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan was involved in a minor [...]

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Who Are These Jets?

By Joe Brod Well that was awful. That pretty much sums up this past Sunday’s debacle against the Oakland Raiders. [...]

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I Heart Bart Scott

By Joe Brod It’s five minutes after midnight, March 3, 2009. Recently named New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan [...]

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Total QBR?

33 QBs played in NFL football games this past Sunday. ESPN ranked them all using their new “Total QBR” system. [...]

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Great Expectations

By Joe Brod This is it! This is our year! We’re finally gonna do it! The Jets are going to [...]