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2010 NY Jets PSL And Parking Info

Woody Johnson has made a few statements with regards to PSL sales.  Here are the highlights: The Jets will not sell individual PSL tickets on a game-by-game basis during the season, feeling it would be unfair to those fans who have made the commitment to purchase Personal Seat Licenses. The team has no plans to [...]

Super Bid Super Party

According to the NY Post, the New York Jets and Giants are hosting a party to help gain support for the upcoming Super Bowl vote. The Giants and Jets are set to hold a lavish sendoff party this morning at New Meadowlands Stadium for their joint effort to host the big game, a once-unthinkable idea [...]

Tom Brady Talks About Living The Bi-Life

That's right Jets fans, Tom Brady gave an interview and confirmed what so many have speculated the past few years.  Tom Brady is living a bi life.  Now many have said that he was just plain gay.  That is a topic for another day.  Tom is bi-coastal and talked to Sports Illustrated about the Jets [...]

Inside The Numbers: Jets Contracts

By Tyson Rauch The New York Jets have done an excellent job of acquiring talent the last couple of years.  Now the challenge will be to keep the core group of players around for years to come.  Recently Jason Fitzgerald from, one of the most informative Jets-related sites on the internet, took the time [...]

RowOneJetFan: PSL Sale (Deferred Payment)

Last week RowOneJetFan wrote about New York Jets PSL sales.  He provided an update which detailed section by section how he felt the sales are going.  He is back with another update, this time a sale of sorts. Yes, todays brand new Jet offer only for people who had season tickets in 2007,2008, 2009 who [...]

Day One Minicamp Recap

The New York Jets held their first day of rookie minicamp on Friday.  All first year players will practice until Sunday, May 2nd.  Here are some notes from the first day from various Twitter sources: @ManishMehta1 Way too early to panic but Joe McKnight just missed a pair of catchable balls just now. #jets #nfl [...]

Step Off Holmes, Get Out Of My Way

Recently acquired New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes made the news earlier today.  Various media reports claimed that Holmes was thrown off a plane.  Randy Lange on says these reports are not true. According to the Allegheny County, Pa., Police Department. "As previously reported, [Santonio] Holmes was NOT removed from any airplane (4/29/2010)," [...]

Paging Fireman Ed

Before the season, the Jets week two match-up, their home opener versus the New England Patriots seemed like a sure loss.  Then a funny thing happened; the New York Jets started the season on a good note with a victory over the Houston Texans in week one.  The Patriots looked human as they had to [...]