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2017 NFL Draft Notes (Cheat Sheet)

The NFL draft is being held in Philadelphia this year. Here is everything you need to know. When we say everything, we literally mean everything. This covers when the draft is taking place, what players and coaches will be there to what schools have had the most players drafted. When you are done reading this [...]

JetNation Mock Draft v2.0, Trubisky or Trade Down

By Glenn Naughton   With the NFL draft just under a week away, we re-visit the land of make-believe to take our best shot at what direction the Jets will go in as they look to re-build a roster that has more big questions than answers at this point. Trying to predict draft picks is a big [...]

NFL Draft is a Week Away

On this episode of JetNation Radio Joe and Glenn will be continuing their NFL Draft coverage as the draft is just about a week away! They will round out their first round targets and then take a deep dive into the second and third round prospects! Tonight we will also be continuing our New York [...]

Deducing the Jets Draft, Part 11: USF RB Marlon Mack

By Glenn Naughton   With the NFL combine behind us and the draft just around the corner, mock drafts will be flooding all of your favorite sports sites at an even more ridiculous rate than they have over the past few weeks. While it’s always fun to sit back and play armchair GM, trying to [...]

Jets Liking Local Talent?

By Glenn Naughton   Pro days and private workouts are in full swing for all 32 NFL clubs who will also take the time to evaluate some local talent that may not be grabbing national headlines or topping mock drafts. According to Kristian Dyer of Metro, the Jets recently worked out a group of local [...]

Hooker Among Jets Pre-Draft Visits

By Glenn Naughton   Take a look around the web at the plethora of mock drafts available and you'll see the Jets frequently linked to an immensely talented player who seems to be diving onlookers in their assessment of what he'll bring to the table at the pro level. Malik Hooker is one of the [...]