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Positive Sam Darnold Plays: vs. Detroit Lions (Week 1)

Welcome to the inaugural Positive Sam Darnold Plays article, as we look to dissect the positive plays from the young QB, as he led the Jets to a victory against the Detroit Lions in Week 1 of the season. Sam Darnold Positive Plays: 1.  The first positive pass from Darnold in his career, and it’s… Read more

Negative Sam Darnold Plays: vs. Detroit Lions (Week 1)

Welcome to the inaugural Negative Sam Darnold Plays, as the young QB led the Jets to victory against the Lions in Week 1.  Please don’t panic, this is a relatively short article, and be sure to check out the Positives article to feel better. Negative Darnold Plays 1.  You have seen this play a thousand… Read more

Sam Darnold Review – Pre-Season Week 3 (Giants)

Let’s break down the Week 3 performance of Sam Darnold and the Jets, as they lost to the Giants.  The focus for the Jets have to be on Sam Darnold, and it’s quite an impressive game for him. This one is a bit hard to break down, because you can’t see the full route from… Read more

Sam Darnold: Mechanics & Week 2 Film Breakdown

Welcome to the next edition of the Sam Darnold breakdown.  This week, we will look at some mechanics, as well a breakdown from Pre-Season Game Two. Mechanics: I just want you to look at that drop back, that’s all. That is Tom Brady from the Super Bowl last year.   Yes, it hurts to watch them… Read more

Sam Darnold Breakdown Part 1: NFL Caliber Throws

The New York Jets picked Sam Darnold in the 2018 NFL Draft, which has rejuvenated the fanbase.  Darnold was widely considered the favorite choice for the No. 1 pick with the Cleveland Browns, but he fell into the lap of Mike Maccagnan.  We’ll take a look at some of the film from Sam Darnold at… Read more

Passing Game Film Review – McFrown – Week 6 (Patriots)

Josh McCown had his moments against the Patriots, but he certainly had bad plays as well.  Let’s look at some of the bad plays. 1)  Ryan Fitzpatrick might be starting for Tampa Bay next week, but Robby Anderson will swear he saw him behind center last week for the Jets.  As we’ve seen many times… Read more

Passing Game Film Review – Good McCown – Week 6 (Patriots)

The Jets lost a heart breaker to the Patriots this past Sunday, highlight by a nonsensical overturn of a TD by the referees in the replay booth.  While McCown didn’t play stellar, he did have his moments and should have had another TD.    Let’s see his good plays: 1)  This is just a great… Read more

Passing Game Film Review – McFrown – Week 4 (Jaguars)

The Jets won the game, but it wasn’t pretty.  The Jaguars had plenty of opportunities to win the game, but Blake Bortles is a terrible QB, and the Jaguars have to be in the market for a good QB soon.   Let’s look at some of the bad plays in the passing game. 1)  This play… Read more

Passing Game Film Review – Good McCown – Week 4 (Jaguars)

While the biggest controversy surrounding the NFL deals with kneeling for the national anthem, the Jets have flown under the radar as a surprise team with two wins, which is almost halfway to their season over/under lines.  However, the Jets were lucky to win this game against the Jaguars, as Josh McCown played a mediocre… Read more

Passing Game Film Review – McFrown – Week 3 (Dolphins)

Welcome to the second part of our film breakdown, as we look at the bad plays from this past game.  The Jets won and the offense performed relatively well so this article is short.  As mentioned in the comments discussing the previous thread, this series is going to be shorter on words from here on… Read more

Passing Game Film Review – Good McCown – Week 3 (Dolphins)

We’re back with another weekly breakdown of the passing game, and this one comes after a rare win for the Jets.  Josh McCown looked much better, and the offensive system looks improved as well.  Let’s see the good plays from this past game: 1)  This play is a good example of how play action, and… Read more

Passing Game Film Review – McFrown – Week 2 (Raiders)

Thanks for joining us in our weekly film review articles.  In this one, we will review the mistakes made by Josh McCown and company, against the Raiders.  The Jets, overall, employed a conservative game plan, which limited the mistakes.   Although, that isn’t to say there weren’t missed opportunities. 1)  Josh McCown has space in… Read more

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