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Gregg Hayim Podcast: Five And Three

Welcome to the five and three shall set you free podcast.  This week Gregg Hayim talks about the difference between this year team and the version that was on the field last year. Run defense? Offense? Gregg discusses all that and a look ahead at the Rams game and the next few weeks.

Week 9 – Podcast By Gregg Hayim

In this week's episode Gregg talks about how this Jets team has not yet found its way.  A 4 and 3 team that just isn't on the same page.  Run, pass and all of Favre's bad decisions.  When will they learn what they want to do?  When will the coaching staff learn? They seem to [...]

Mike And The Mad Dog Podcast Parody

Did Gregg Hayim lose his mind?  It is hard to tell.  Listen in to this WFAN parody with Mike and the Mad Dog.  The Jets won and the voices in Gregg's head may be getting the best of him.  If the Jets continue to win, it may get worse. The Jets went for the jugular [...]

Week 3 Podcast

In this weeks therapy session Gregg Hayim tackles tough parental issues. Why do our parents do it to us? Why do they make us Jets fans? Shouldn't the government somehow regulate these parental decisions? Want a feeling for the tone of the podcast? Look no further than the theme song, It's the end of the [...]

Gregg Hayim Is Back: JN Podcast

Gregg Hayim is back and he hasn't given up hope. He talks about this upgraded team and the state of Jet Nation after a loss to the Patriots. Is Coach Mangini handcuffing this team with conservative play? The Jets head to San Diego and Gregg looks ahead at the match up. They are big underdogs [...]

2008 Draft Podcast

Gregg Hayim is back for the 2008 Podcast.   In this episode the recaps some of the off-season moves and talks about how Woody has opened up the wallet.  Plus a look at the 2008 Draft and the Jets first few picks.  Was drafting a tight end a mistake?  Chris Baker thinks so.  Tune in [...]

Year End Podcast

Well Jets fans it is closing time and Gregg Hayim is back with one last podcast for the season.  A look back at the win over the Chiefs to top off a 4 and 12 season. Would the Jets have been better off if they lost the last game and had the 3rd pick in [...]

Jets – Patriots Podcast *

The Jets take on the Patriots this week and Gregg Hayim talks about the history between Eric Mangini and Bill Belichick. Spygate, Jets\Pats talk, 24 point underdogs -- what more could you ask for?  Rocky music.  That's right, Rocky music.  Jets fans root for snow on Sunday and listen to the podcast here...