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Week 13 JetNation Podcast

By Gregg Hayim Gregg took a little hiatus but he is back. This weeks podcast looks at the Jets also being back in the game.  At 6 and 6, with Tampa on the horizon, is it time to talk playoffs? How are things going to unfold?  Listen in...

Rip Your Heart Out

Back to life as normal Jets fans.  Misery.  Some things Gregg Hayim has come to expect.   The unexpected never ceases to amaze: Sanchez and the interceptions\turnovers Wes Welker tearing up the NY Jets defense The defense has been a disaster What has Rex Ryan changed This NY Jets team needs to show us something, give [...]

New York Jets Talk

In this weeks podcast Gregg Hayim discusses: The pain we call a bye week Battle of the 4 and 4's Jaguars: Win the game Best Defense? A l ahead at the schedule - is 9 the upper limit Oh yeah, Jets you need to win this week.  Give it a listen (below) and let us [...]

Redemption Week Podcast

Gregg Hayim doesn't care what Mark Sanchez eats on the sidelines.  As long as he avoids the five interception days Gregg says let him eat away. In this podcast? Leon Washington Jets got their mojo back Calvin Pace Redemption Sunday Listen in and let us know what you think here.

They Did It Again

Gregg Hayim talks about how hard it was to sleep after the Monday Night loss to Miami.  How did the defense look?  The wildcat was unstoppable. The highs and lows of being a Jets fans, Gregg has some choice words...give the podcast a listen by clicking play below. Or you can subscribe to the podcast [...]

Don’t Worry Jets Fans

Gregg Hayim tells us not to worry.  You need a receiver?  Mike Tannenbaum is all over it. Braylon Edwards for Chansi Stuckey, Jason Trusnik plus a 3rd and a 5th? Forget about it.  Tanny knows how to add impact players.  Losing a special team ace isn't a problem when you have a special teams coach [...]

Changing Of The Guard

Gregg Hayim asks the question in the podcast this week; Are you a believer? Mark Sanchez, Rex Ryan, the big words by Kerry Rhodes and a changing on the guard in the AFC East are a few of the topics this week. It's a long way to the top but Rex Ryan has done more [...]

New York Jets Podcast (2009 Week 1)

Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez, a new era of NY Jets football and Rocky music.  If that doesn't make for the world's best podcast then I don't know what does.  Nothing like the Rocky IV soundtrack to help convince you that Drago, er, Brady can be beat. Listen in as Gregg Hayim talks about, "The Sanchize".  [...]