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Power Rankings: Jets Officially Eliminated From Playoff Contention

  Dallas Cowboys (11-1) Oakland Raiders (10-2) New England Patriots (10-2) Kansas City Chiefs (9-3) Seattle Seahawks (8-3-1) Denver Broncos (8-4) Detroit Lions (8-4) Atlanta Falcons (7-5) New York Giants (8-4) Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5) Baltimore Ravens (7-5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5) Washington Redskins (6-5-1) Miami Dolphins (7-5) Green Bay Packers (6-6) Buffalo Bills (6-6) Houston [...]

Jets Trampled By Colts, 41-10

Tis the season for the New York Jets to embarrass themselves on Monday Night Football, crushed by the Colts, 41-10, falling to 3-9 and officially out of playoff contention. New York opened the game with a three and out, then allowed an Indianapolis touchdown. The Jets then went three and out again, and allowed another [...]

Inactives Report: Mangold Back, Devin Smith Still Out Nick Mangold will start for the first time in four games. The offensive line likely missed Mangold's leadership, and it should be a bonus for the line tonight. Meanwhile, Devin Smith who was recently activated off the PUP list still remains on the inactives list. It's possible Smith could remain out for the rest [...]

Power Rankings: Jets Stand Pat After Loss

  Dallas Cowboys (10-1) Oakland Raiders (9-2) New England Patriots (9-2) Kansas City Chiefs (8-3) New York Giants (8-3) Atlanta Falcons (7-4) Denver Broncos (7-4) Seattle Seahawks (7-3-1) Detroit Lions (7-4) Washington Redskins (6-4-1) Miami Dolphins (7-4) Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5) Baltimore Ravens (6-5) Buffalo Bills (6-5) Green Bay Packers (5-6) Minnesota Vikings (6-5) Tampa Bay [...]

Power Rankings: Jets Move Up a Spot During Bye

  Dallas Cowboys (9-1) Oakland Raiders (8-2) New England Patriots (8-2) Seattle Seahawks (7-2-1) Denver Broncos (7-3) New York giants (7-3) Atlanta Falcons (6-4) Kansas City Chiefs (7-3) Washington Redskins (6-3-1) Detroit Lions (6-4) Miami Dolphins (6-4) Minnesota Vikings (6-4) Houston Texans (6-4) Pittsburgh Steelers (5-5) Baltimore Ravens (5-5) Philadelphia Eagles (5-5) Buffalo Bills (5-5) [...]

Power Rankings: Jets are Bottom of the Barrel

  Dallas Cowboys (8-1) Oakland Raiders (7-2) Denver Broncos (7-3) Seattle Seahawks (6-2-1) New England Patriots (7-2) Kansas City Chiefs (7-2) Atlanta Falcons (6-3) New York Giants (6-3) Houston Texans (6-3) Washington Redskins (5-3-1) Detroit Lions (5-4) Baltimore Ravens (5-4) Minnesota Vikings (5-4) Philadelphia Eagles (5-4) Miami Dolphins (5-4) Pittsburgh Steelers (4-5) Tennessee Titans (5-5) [...]

Jets Fall to Rams, 9-6

The Jets started their third quarterback of the season this afternoon, with Bryce Petty making his first NFL start in the wake of injuries to Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith. In a game that was ultimately a snoozefest, Petty didn’t make much of a difference as the Jets fell to the Rams 9-6. The Rams [...]