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Rigs’ Intriguing Rookie Cuts: Future Jets?

1) Ben Emmanuel–safety, UCLA (5th round Carolina)


A lot draft sites had this player real high last spring because of his great “computer numbers”, but we didn’t like him at DD as much because he his stats seemed to slip every season at UCLA–a real bad sign.

Nonetheless, has better size and speed than current Jets backups Fransico and Bigby, so he should be strongly considered.

2) Jared Newberry–Linebacker, Stanford (5th round, Washington)


Some considered him a Day 1 pick after the Senior Bowl, but he slipped….Good athlete, but bad sign when you’re a draft pick and get cut over a free agent rookie from Princeton (Zak Keasey). That may be a stern hint that he should get a “real job”.

Jets, should consider him, but we aren’t big fans of Stanford LB’s.

3) David Bergeron–Linebacker Stanford (6th round, Philadelphia)

We think he’s better than Newberry and had a much tougher lineup to crack in Philly…But, overall, not a special player.

Jets should give him a glance, due to his size and toughness, but isn’t a special talent, by any means–practice squad/ NFL Europe material in the short term.

4) Rob Hunt–center/guard, North Dakota (5th round Indianapolis)

Big, burly lineman with talent. Got stuck in a tough situation in Indy (good line depth) and needs some time, considering the low level he played at in college.

Like Emmanuel, I’d recommend the Jets look closely. But he has already gotten offers for guaranteed practice squad spots and won’t leave Indy unless it’s to play on another teams 53 man roster.

5) Dante Ridgeway– Wide receiver, Ball State (6th round Rams)


Record breaking college WR, who lacks size and top speed. Should have never left college early–Bill Polian, who runs the Combine, informed him via Indiana papers, he should stay in school. Had almost no shot to crack the Rams top 5 receivers from the start.

Definitely worth a look from the Jets, but he probably has less “potential” than speedy small-schooler Harry Williams. Ridgeway is another practice squad/NFL Europe type.

6) Maurice Clarett–Running Back, Ohio State (3rd round Denver)


Not much to say here, other than Denver coach Mike Shannahan, in a classy way, apolagized to fans for wasting a 3rd round pick on him….I think Clarett’s done. No need for the Jets to even consider him.

7) Dustin Fox–Cornerback/safety (3rd round Minnesota)


Fox was NOT cut, but placed on the season ending injured reserve list for an injury that should be healed fairly soon….Fox, as do all NFL players, has the right to demand his release from the Vikings and could jump to another a team and play this season…That would be the smart thing to do, but few young players have the stomach to demand their release and instead take a “redshirt” season, while able to play.

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