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Some Things Never Change

by Tyson Rauch
JetNation Columnist


Angry. Annoyed. Frustrated. Depressed. Pissed Off. Embarrassed. Then there are the sayings: “Same Old Jets�, “Just End the Season�, “Played Hard�, “Learning new schemes�.

Does it ever end with the New York Jets? It is the same thing over and over, year after year. All of the diehard fans knew what was going to happen. Vinny was going to have a glorious comeback at home and win, sucking all of the fans into believing and, then, WHAM! Lose a critical game the following week playing like dogs. Another Monday shaking my head and going through all of the emotions listed above.

Wouldn’t it be nice to buck the trend for once? Win a game when you are not supposed to, call a play that would actually fool a team, outcoach the opponent. It is nice to dream. At one point, the Jets had a swagger in them that was built by a hall of fame coach. The team knew they were better prepared than the opposing team, in better condition and had a leader on the sidelines that can outwit the best of minds in the NFL. Now all they know is one thing: How to be the same old Jets.

This team will never be a championship team under Herman Edwards. The coach can change coordinators, change quarterbacks, draft studs and hand out Shrek Ears. He can hold seminars, hand out turkeys during the holidays and promote PC Richards. The one thing he cannot do is lead a NFL team to a Super Bowl. Some coaches have it and some don’t. Herman Edwards, you do not have it. Your conservative nature and lack of fundamental knowledge of football continues to hinder the progress of this organization. The recent success of the New York Jets is not due to the coaching of Mr. Edwards, it is the result of having determined players like Mawae, Martin and Ellis that refuse to lose regardless of the puppet standing on the sidelines. These players spill out their blood and guts while having the burden of overcoming an inept coach who does not know what it takes to win a championship. It is a shame that the window of opportunity has passed and these warriors will not reach their ultimate goal. Nice job, Herman.

So, as we fans sit here and watch the rest of the season scratching our heads, throwing our remotes and spewing curses, think back: Has anything changed? Will it ever change? Not under Herman Edwards. Feel free to write your rah rah articles, stories of wonderment and positive rants but just remember, SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE.

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